Sony Confirms First PS2 Games Available For PS4 On Store From December 5th

Sony has confirmed that PS4 owners will be able to purchase and download the first batch of PS2 games from tomorrow, December 5th, at 8PM GMT which should be when the PSX conference wraps up too. The rollout will see eight game go live on the store, all of which have uprendered 1080p graphics and trophy support. You’ll also be able use Share Play with them too.

More games will be added at regular intervals over time. However the PS2 classics bought on PS3 are not compatible on PS4.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Please please please let Dragon Quest 8 be one of the future releases, I adored that game. If I got to play that game again in 1080p with trophies I think I might spontaneously combust.

    • I’m totally with you. I’m anticipating the DQ8 release for 3DS but if it comes out on PS4 before then I may consider not getting it there.

    • That would be amazing, Journey of the Cursed King was/is one of my most treasured PS2 games!

  2. Basically buy these games for a 3rd time. Umm… no thanks.

    • Indeed, I can understand the new emulation needing to be a new file on the store but they could’ve been cross-buy

    • A 3rd time? What if it’s a second time but this time you have the benefits of modern gaming-social, and better resolution?

      It’s like a remaster practically and a better price than fully fledged ones which didn’t offer much beyond graphics (God of war 3).

      Might be a game that comes out that you never got the chance to play but you can now. More options for us means more ways to play and enjoy games.

      • Shhh. Stop being sensible!

        I’m quite tempted by one of those, being an RPG that came out towards the end of the PS2’s life. Rogue Galaxy.

        I could buy a second hand copy somewhere. Possibly. Just checked, and you can get it from CeX for £12. Whichs is presumably what Sony will charge for a nice looking version with trophies. No prices here yet, but the US price is $14.99. Convert that and add VAT and it’ll be £11.99.

        So it all seems quite resasonable to me. Or I could just demand that the developers all go back to games from 10+ years ago and do all the work to add trophies and make sure it doesn’t explode your PS4. For free. Which does appear to be what the bottom half of the internet demands these days.

      • 12 quid for a PS2 game that cannot be right. Here it’s under a fiver and for older PS3/Xbox 360 it’s under £20 (even Gears of War Judgment was £4.99) that is from CEX in my local area. Pretty sure it’ll be £3.99

      • Some of the more obscure PS2 games (like JRPGs that sold 3 copies in the west) can go for more than you’d expect. If the prices turn out to be £11.99, then for those 2 RPGs (Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy), the price is quite reasonable.

        You may find someone selling one cheaper on ebay, but from an reputable seller, the prices are probably more than Sony are charging.

      • @Del I see where you are coming from. The jrpgs are high in value. They fetch a high price from cex. A few weeks back I bought Balders gate dark alliance 2 for a tenner second hand.

        Icon and shadow of the colossus fetches a high price too. But with the added benefits other ps4, it adds more value for a few bob than it would if it came on the ps3 store.

        It’s an option. Don’t have to buy it and it’s infuriating sometimes when we don’t get as many new ips, sequels etc. Also annoying that ps4 doesn’t have full bc. It’s a good option that adds tremendous value nonetheless.

      • And as expected, they’re priced at £11.99 and £7.99. So exactly the right price converting from the US price and adding VAT.

        Looks like they’ve got a full set of trophies, including a platinum too.

    • Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. I’m getting at least two on that initial list, and it seems a well targetted list of WANTED games, rather than the random list of tripe that Microsoft have offered up.

  3. No PS2 Classics leaves a severely sour taste. One of very few glimpses of old and arrogant Sony of the early PS3 years in recent memory.

    • It’s a better deal. For a few quid more than they are on the ps3 you get these extra features. Yes arrogant completely. People have been clamouring for rogue galaxy and dark cloud sequels/remasters. They are at least appeasing those and in a good way.

      It’s actually more effort than the xb bc because it’s actually adding features rather than replicating the platform with all its issues in place.

  4. I wonder how the GTA games hold up to the PC versions. I’m assuming they’ll suffer from pop-in and low-res textures.

  5. Ooh, that Mark of Kri was one of my favourite PS2 games. Do we know how much they will cost? The link seems broken.

    • Probs a tenner.

      • US prices are $14.99 (or $9.99 for Twisted Metal and War of the Monsters).

        $14.99 would end up as £9.99 here, but then you need to add VAT. So it should be £11.99.

        Of course, the price could be more or less than that. Because Sony.

      • Cheers. I was hoping it would be 7-10 quid (it is nearly 13 years old) so I’ll keep an eye on it.

  6. Modernising classic games is a clever move by Sony. Upscale to 1080 and add some trophies you have a selection of games which will eat you’re life. So tempting to buy rogue galaxy.

    The problem is the fee. It is a bit pricey but then as a sort of half remaster/upscaled port, gamers have bought worse games that are remasters cough prototype cough.

    I’m interested to see what else will come. It’s a nice move and one that may well tie in with psnow in the future. Colour me intrigued.

  7. I’m gonna wait for the 4K VR PS5 versions. In the meantime i can just dig out my 60GB PS3 for my old PS2 discs.

  8. Oh man. If the GTA games looks good, I’m sold.

  9. So i think its worth it, for up rendered, trophys and streaming capabilities. Non of which i would have on the old PS2 or on the PS3…
    As long as the prices are sensible i can’t see a negative, would it be nice to have a disc based backwards compatibility system. Sure. But i’d much rather pay extra for the bells and whistles of modern day gaming.

  10. Any ideas about whether the control schemes have been updated too? I remember the medal of honor 2 remake original controls (when they give it away as a free download with the ps3 medal of honor reboot) from the ps2 era being rather horrid!

    • You can remind controls on any ps4 game.

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