Sony Confirms First PS2 Games Available For PS4 On Store From December 5th

Sony has confirmed that PS4 owners will be able to purchase and download the first batch of PS2 games from tomorrow, December 5th, at 8PM GMT which should be when the PSX conference wraps up too. The rollout will see eight game go live on the store, all of which have uprendered 1080p graphics and trophy support. You’ll also be able use Share Play with them too.


More games will be added at regular intervals over time. However the PS2 classics bought on PS3 are not compatible on PS4.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Ah yes with latest firmware. Good point i forgot about that one!

  2. Awesome, downloading Vice City now as a sort of ‘test the waters’ trial. Some of the best games created even by today’s standards were borne of the 2nd gen playstation.

    • Suitably impressed with the gameplay and look considering it’s age after waiting two days for the eventual install. Vice City again in HD and with trophies makes all of those package searches seem worthwhile…although back in the day they helped weapon wise anyway lol.
      Should be lower priced though, most loyal PS fans will have had a Vice City ride and already paid for the original.

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