Price Confirmed For Console Angry Birds – It’s Ridiculous

Activision is publishing the 3DS and HD console versions of the Angry Birds Trilogy, which we reported yesterday. The giant publisher has now confirmed, to USA Today, the pricing of this new package’s release on the new platforms.

The 3DS version will retail for $29.99 while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will have a recommended retail price of $39.99. All three games at their regular iOS prices would set you back around $6.


Of course, with the iOS or other existing versions, you don’t get the platform specific features like Move or Kinect functionality on the HD consoles or stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS. Is that worth paying many times more for? Not in my opinion.

Source: USA Today



  1. Kinect Version? ? ? What do you do? Throw a member of your family at the TV screen? ? ? LoL:D
    + It’s funny how Mobile games makers say they don’t need home game consoles(i.e death to the home games consoles, Mobile phone gaming is the future, blah, blah, blah etc etc) but they want my game console spending Money? ! ? :D

  2. And on Android you can get it for a massive £0

    • What he said.

      It’s ad supported on Android but a quick flick of the data switch and all ads are gone.

      Why on earth would I want to buy it on PS3 for around £30 – £40 when I’ve already got all 4 versions for free on Android?

  3. What absolute bustards, that’s a definite fowl. :/

    • i know they’re just trying to hawk their wares, but really, they must be coocoo if they think people will pay that. ^_^

  4. All three games on iOS = $6 All three games on PS3 =$40

    40/6 = 6.7 roughly SO by finding out Activision way of deciding prices, MW3 should have retailed at $6, the map packs should be 2 quid and basically they need to sack their price dude and realise this tactic won’t work forever.

  5. i paid 99p for the minis version.

    i’d recommend anybody with a ps3 interested in an Angry Birds game buy that version too and don’t pay a ridiculous price like that.

    quick note, i bought the minis version while it was on sale, it has probably gone back up to a couple of quid, but even that’s infinitely preferable to this.

    • I think the standard price is £3.99

      • is it?
        i never really looked into it till it was on sale.

        still, i’d rather pay that.

  6. Was expecting this to be a £10 download. Tops.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Really?!
      I would have expected a download version to be £12 minimum.
      Hell the one game mini is 4 quid and doesn’t have the HD graphics or Move/Kinect support.

  7. lol Activision are d**ks.. i bet bobby kotick its laughing all the way to the bank..

  8. Shaking my head at some of the comments here, guys.

    • it’s not that the PS3 version costs £30. the issue is that the iphone version is considerably cheaper, but that’s the result of an itunes store unable to sell games at much more.

      look at the price of the pc version of the game: £7. Multiply that by 3 = £21. throw in platform holder license fees, additional move/kinect dev/3d and the rest and it’s not far off.

      seriously. put the pitchforks away.

      • The three games (no Angry Birds Space, an add-on perhaps?) are already built so it’s just a case of porting the games over to the platforms, no complete rebuilds from the ground up. So I can’t see the justification for the ‘£7 multiplied by 3’.

      • Doesn’t matter if the assets etc are already built and reusable, at all.

        It might cost more than the iPhone versions, but then the iPhone versions cost infinitely (literally) more than the (free) Android versions.

        I’m not saying £30 is right, but I am saying that flapping (pun intended) over an “inflated” price is nonsense – no way could Activision package all three games for $6.

    • Why?

    • the minis version is a couple of quid, that still has the platform license and all that stuff.

      and as for kinect/move and 3d development?
      two 2d planes? that’ll push up the costs, and people have been doing what is i bet much more sophisticated kinect application in their spare time than this game will no doubt have.

      access the routine to track a hand/wand, then the routine to track when the hand is pulled back/move button pressed.
      there’ done.

      and i bet the kinect version plays awfully to boot.

      seriously, that price is pretty ridiculous.

  9. OMG now i need to know a release date… That’s a must buy at that price! :O

    Effectively £13 per game. Bargain! :S

    • Sorry, make that dollars not pounds.

      Should’ve gone to specsavers apparently.

  10. Headline:
    ” New Angry Birds outrageous pricing causes thousands of angry Tweets on Twitter”
    Birdbrains! :P

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