Price Confirmed For Console Angry Birds – It’s Ridiculous

Activision is publishing the 3DS and HD console versions of the Angry Birds Trilogy, which we reported yesterday. The giant publisher has now confirmed, to USA Today, the pricing of this new package’s release on the new platforms.

The 3DS version will retail for $29.99 while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will have a recommended retail price of $39.99. All three games at their regular iOS prices would set you back around $6.


Of course, with the iOS or other existing versions, you don’t get the platform specific features like Move or Kinect functionality on the HD consoles or stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS. Is that worth paying many times more for? Not in my opinion.

Source: USA Today



  1. I’m not remotely surprised

  2. Given the tiny adjustments to trajectory necessary, the Kinect version is going to be an interesting one.

  3. So instead of releasing the collection for £10-£20 they have decided to sell it for full price and have pretty much given it a death sentence due to it being $6 on IOS.

    Acti, i know you need to make a profit on every game but you can still make tons of cash by selling Angry Birds for £10-£20 due to how popular it is. Look at the sales on IOS and the amount of cash it made despite it being cheaper then a Gingster’s Cornish Pasty.

    Also, why does it have Kinect intergration? I can’t see why they would implent it as platformers usually use the direction buttons as well as having a jump button. I suppose you could have your hand act as the direction buttons and actually jump to jump but it seems a bit pointless imo.

    • Platformer? Do you actually know what Angry Birds is, mate?

      • A platformer that is about 4 very angry birds that was originally released on the Iphone and surprisingly became very popular thus making millions?

      • It’s not a platformer. Kinect control would work just fine.

  4. I’d rather be catapulted into a pile of shit, pigs and sticks than suffer a £40 heammorrage for a game that you and I already have on numerous platforms…….

  5. This is the kind of game that parents and grandparents will buy for little Johnny or Jilly at Christmas!

  6. FAIL! $40, not only is Angry Birds over rated but Activision suck. I hope this game fails.

  7. Not for me. I’ll just wait til someone’s made an Angry Birds type level on LBP Vita and play that for free!

  8. Absolutely Unjustifiable. I hope this sinks like a huge boulder!

  9. There’s one very interesting aspect to this…

    The one console platform which would currently allow them the flexibility to price this reasonably is PSVita… and it’s the one platform they’re not releasing on.

  10. Will it have trophy support if so i’ll pay 69p not a penny more.

    Funny how Activions always involed.

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