Super Stardust Devs Are Behind Angry Birds On PS3

[videoyoutube]Finnish developers Housemarque are behind the upcoming console release of Angry Birds.

Whilst everyone’s battling over the pricing of the Trilogy triple pack, the guys behind Super Stardust and Furmins are shouting about how excited they are to be part of this franchise.


“It’s finally time for the big reveal,” says the statement just issued to TheSixthAxis.

“Housemarque and Rovio have soared together to create Angry Birds Trilogy, the most comprehensive chapter yet in the über-popular avian saga,” it continues.

“Angry Birds Trilogy, published by Activision, is designed from the ground-up as the perfect home console experience. This means HD graphics, improved environments, and all the madness of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and Angy Birds Rio bundled together in one gigantic, feathery ball of enormous fun.”

The game won’t be a retail release. The press release says that it’ll release on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network – so presumably no disk-based high street friendly version.

Update: Housemarque have now told us the game will be a disk-based retail release, not a download.



  1. Housemarque?! I’ll probably get this just because they’re behind it. The oft-updated for free Super Stardust HD, Outland and Super Stardust Delta are awesome games. Actually quite excited to see what they can do with Angry Birds.

    • No! Don’t go rewarding overpriced software by buying it. Bad man! :)

    • Don’t forget Dead Nation! Housemarque are great developers and normally deserve the support. But not in this case, not for an Activision published port of Angry Birds and especially not for that absurd price.

  2. The fins won’t be happy once they read this ;)

  3. Woah woah woah. So $40 for a PSN release?

  4. Oh, awesome

  5. I don’t get it.

    In your first post you talk about “a recommended retail price of $39.99” and now you say there won’t be a disk-based high street friendly version.

    A 39.99 price for this on PSN would be even more bonkers.

    • absolutely correct. Bonkers is the only word I can think for this….oh and possibly “stupid”

    • I know – & prices on the store are usually so good as well!

      I mean, just look at Ghost Reco… Oh.
      Um, or Fif… Oh.
      Or Prototy… Oh.

      Actually, I’m not surprised at all. :)

  6. It went allore her face!

  7. I did expect no physical disk copy of this game available for retail, come on it’s angry birds. :-)

  8. I don’t really care who is behind it when I wont be buying it for ridiculous prices :)

  9. So, let me get this straight. The devs behind Super Star Dust are remastering it, but there isn’t a Vita version. That’s off.

  10. I’ll be sticking to my Minis version thank you!

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