Amazing New Crysis 3 Screens Hint At Next-Gen Visuals

Although Crysis 3 is currently pinned for PS3 and Xbox 360, these shots (presumably of the DirectX 11 PC version) show amazing potential if the next-generation of consoles can match up.

They come via Pierre-Yves Donzallaz, Crytek’s lighting artist, and are designed to show off the game’s rather gorgeous looking lighting engine.


The game is due next year.

Via Wccftech.



  1. Game is looking good but can’t get any hype for this game. Crysis 2 killed it.

  2. looks more like concept art to me

    • Yep. Looks like concept art to me although the next gen might be able to get near this. Happy to be proved wrong but they REALLY looks like matte paintings.

      • On third viewing I’m wondering if they’ve tweaked some in-game shots and ‘Shopped them a bit. Hope not. Still… the last two look like matte paintings but if not, I’d best start saving for a new PC!

      • Well does the fact that you know these aren’t matte paintings sway you? These are in game shots (just on a high end PC). Their method of doing that involves rendering them at very very high resolutions with maximum AA enabled, taking the shot at that resolution, then lowering it to normal sized resolution to make it look perfectly smooth.

      • I think you’re wrong but time will tell. There’s touch-up galore and it’s simply not indicative of a good quality gaming rig. It’s unachievable in game.

    • Could be offline renders (meaning in engine, prerendered), the Crysis engine makes that nice and easy, plus, these seem to be advertising the artist rather than the game (I’m thinking portfolio work) which would lend credence to that. I mean, if your gonna show off your skills, might aswell go all out.

      Still, wouldn’t be that surprised if Crysis 3 looks that good in certain areas. Crysis 1 is getting close to 5 years old now and it still looks amazing.

      • These are in game screenshots… It looks exactly as good as it looks. It will not look anywhere near this good on a console if that’s what you’re trying to say.

      • Agree with u about Crysis 1, only started playing it yesterday and it puts most current games to shame

  3. Looks great but hopefully it’s less of a slog than Crysis 2

    • Trying to achieve lvl 50 in the multiplayer was the only slog i found with Crysis 2.

  4. Pretty games but incredibly generic from a gameplay perspective. Pass.

    • The first was great graphic and gameplay wise and so was it’s equal (Warhead), but Crysis 2 was rather lame on the gameplay side.

  5. C2 looked absolutely fantastic on the screenshots but it was never the same in game. Not fooling for that again. Very average game.

  6. I have nothing good to say about C2 and I cant see me returning to the franchise unless there is some big gameplay innovation.

  7. So although many moaned about the wholly urban setting last time, it looks like they were working towards this all along… A ‘real’ urban jungle.

    Quite like the look of them, but would need to see some gameplay before committing i think.

  8. Is Crysis 2 the one where speed/shield/invisibility were all using the same stamina bar? Because if so it says something that the only thing I can remember about it is that frustrating game mechanic…

  9. Shooters are stale and boring now, no matter how good they look.

  10. Looks good but at the same time i can’t help but think haven’t i seen this before? Plus, the way i understand it, Crysis died after the second game. As apparently, it focused on action then stealth i think.

    • Wow you _do_ have a mess in your head

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