Next Infinity Ward “Call Of Duty” Likely To Be For PS4 & Xbox 720

Infinity Ward are working on Call of Duty games – that’s no surprise. Why wouldn’t they be? What might be surprising though is that the next one, according to an online resume at least, is likely to be for the next generation of consoles in addition to the current one.

Kotaku cites one Andrew Aye, engineer on Modern Warfare 3, who says his next project is for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PCs with DirectX11 support and – most interestingly – TBA platforms. The TBA platforms aren’t likely to be Vita and 3DS, that much should be obvious.


Black Ops 2 is this year’s Call of Duty, so assuming the next one is next year, and it’s Infinity Ward behind the wheel, this could well give us some indication as to when PS4 and Xbox 720 (for want of a better name) might be available, with late 2013 being a decent guess.

Or, of course, maybe he’s talking about something else.



  1. New OUYA game? :P

  2. I think its pretty much clear that the next gen is coming next year. Everything adds up from all the rumours and stories. I just hope FPS on the PS4 can have more people playing online for COD and BF4.

  3. This News doesn’t excite me one bit :-/ All that excites me for next Gen is seeing what a PS4 Exclusive will look like from ND or from the makers of the KillZone games :P (well any PlayStation Exclusive game really) I hope it’s 10 Billion times better looking than next Gen Multi-format games PS4 only games. COME ON SONY! SHOCK THE WORLD! And leave the rest looking average! LoL:D

  4. I’m very interested to see how much they push any new hardware. Call of Duty has just been getting a little more polish with each release – nothing new nor stunning. Makes sense as it would keep the costs down and they can just keep milking it. But the new generation will demand much more of an investment into the visuals, physics, sound, AI etc – they are going to have to step up their game!

  5. 720p! :-P

  6. People will keep playing MW3 for an extra year. They will lose out to Treyarch but does that really bother Activision, Na. It’s sensible to not build for the Next Gen, however I don’t think it will be next year we see MW3, I think it will be the year after.

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