GTAIII Coming to PlayStation 3 Next Week

Do you listen to the PlayStation BlogCast? I don’t, it’s entirely too serious for me. I should though, it’s quite informative. Take this week’s show, for example. About eleven minutes in, they casually toss in the information that Grand Theft Auto III is coming to the US PSN Store next Tuesday.

They then spend ages talking about another PS2 Classic, War of the Monsters, which is coming at the same time.


I’ve spent the last week playing GTAIII on an Android tablet and it’s still brilliant, ageing control quirks aside. This version appears to be a direct drop of the PS2 game, rather than the 10 year anniversary edition which hit mobile platforms. Presumably that means it won’t have the updated textures or new user interface but the gameplay should still be solid.

GTA: Chinatown Wars is being enabled for the PS Vita, too.Hopefully this is paving the way for Vice City and San Andreas to also appear on the PSN Store.

Source: PS Blogcast, via NeoGAF



  1. Shame it isn’t a HD remake but still amazing news all the same!

    • Yeah, my thoughts entirely – Whilst these games are still exceptional, i have already played these versions to death.

      A small amount of sheen applied & some trophies & i would have been all over it, but my backlog isn’t accepting of titles i have already played & played in exactly the same format.

      Still, good news for those that might have missed the birth of GTA games as they are today.

    • Same, still own my PS2 and the original GTAIII, along with Vice and San Andreas. So it’ll only be of any use to me as a HD remake with trophies on top!

      • Mmmmm – HD remake with trophies…..


      • A trilogy or compilation of two might cause an erruption of lava flow in that case! :P

      • Danerous talk – If that were to happen, i may just jizz myself to death.

      • I would love trophies for Chinatown Wars – I love the art-style and the top-down view. Looking forward to playing it on Vita!

      • @Forrest LOL
        It would be an awesome release though that would probably top the charts for weeks, they could probably even be cheeky and charge too much for it!

  2. Seeing as GTA V is basically SA on drugs, I doubt we’ll see that om the store.

    As for GTA III, I’m not that interested in the release on PSN, but as you said, the tablet versins great, especially for me seeing as I can hook up my DS3 easily via bluetooth. Makes game-play a hell of a lot easier.

    • I hope they bring back the crazy things that belong in video games. Gay Tony brought back /some/ fun stuff in GTA IV with the explosive sniper rounds and such, but I missed flying cars, being able to drive on water, monster trucks, tanks, car modding, jetpacks, etc. You know, the crazy things that made the game fun when you were done with the story.

      GTA IV was too grown up and realistic for me, and that’s why I haven’t hardly touched it since I finished the story back in 2008.

      Some video games are meant to seem realistic, and I don’t believe that the Grand Theft Auto series is one of them. You may get a few “wow that was so realistic” moments. But after a while it gets boring; kind of like real life does. I play video games as a way to sort of ‘escape reality.’ Not to be put into a fake version of it.

  3. yet still i wont be able to play the game i already own on disc. >_<

    • also, i’d prefer Vice City for the soundtrack and San Andreas for the world.

      • Really? With all of those barren areas? Each to their own i suppose.

        Personally, my life would be complete with three simple words (well, two & an acronym): VICE CITY HD.

      • that’s one of the things i liked about San Andreas, that i could just go for a long drive somewhere, just cruise along with some music playing.
        i love a big expansive world to explore.

      • Big & expansive are all good with me, but parts of SA just felt a bit ‘dead’ as far as i was concerned.

    • of course you can, put it in a PlayStation 2.

      • yeah, but i’d rather be able to play it on my tv in the living room without having to wire up another console.
        these are just emulated right?

      • If they were emulated, why wouldn’t R* just throw VC and SA on the store?
        I think they’re recoded a little to work on the PS3 CPU.

  4. feel a bit let down really Rockstar could have handed the 3 games to bluepoint to do a HD trilogy.

  5. Shame it’s not a HD remake but great news nonetheless. Now please bring Vice City out too, I so want to play that again.

  6. As soon as GTA hit the Steam summer sale I was on it like white on rice! £4.99 for the entire series and the dlc!! Jumped into GTAIII and relived some great gaming moments.
    As far as the series goes San Andreas just about comes first for me, the size of the game with all the things to do makes it one of the best sandbox games ever!
    GTAIV follows simply because of the new controls, handling and great story with much more depth to the characters. The same qualities being put into Red Dead Redemption too, which means GTA V will hopefully be a mesh of San Andreas and GTAIV – and that ladies and germs will be GTA perfection!

  7. GTA: Chinatown Wars is being enabled for the PS Vita? But I’ve been playing that on my Vita for 2 weeks.

  8. Would be nice if they would release the mobile version for Vita.

  9. War of the Monsters is coming to PSN? Sweet! That game was so underrated.

    I never played GTAIII :P

  10. I’ve been playing Chinatown wars on Vita for a while. It’s in a little bubble and works when I press start. Is it not supposed too?
    An HD gta III, like everyone else said, would make my day. I dont have time to play through the ps2 version.

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