SCEE Starts PSN Summer Sale

[drop2]Sony have announced that this year’s summer sale will start tomorrow.

Although details are currently thin on the ground (we expect the full line-up as part of tomorrow’s PSN Store Update) they have confirmed that L.A. Noire Complete Edition will be down to €23.99 (with an additional 15% off for Plus members).


The ageing but still great Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition will be €17.99 (with an additional 25% off for Plus members).

The deals will run throughout August, although there’ll also be seven additional deals that’ll last a few days each.

The first deal will be from the 1st to the 4th of August, the second one from the 5th until the 8th, and so on. The first will be FIFA 12 at a nice £19.99 (down from an RRP of £54.99) and if you’ve got Plus you’ll also get the FIFA EURO 2012 DLC free of charge if you buy FIFA 12.

Hopefully there’ll be some Vita games in there too.



  1. Just doesn’t compete with Steam. LA Noire complete was £4.99 for everybody on certain days. Good for some though, I guess.

    • i like steam but only for less demanding games. Not all of us have gaming computers to play LA Noire with even the same quality as the console version.

  2. Hmmm, £19.99 for a nearly year-old footie game that’s a month or two off of being superceded doesn’t seem like a deal worth making a fuss of to me.

    • Yep…I’m still going good with Fifa 09 which I bought for 99p a few years back!

      • Lol same. My £2.99 copy of 2010 Fifa World Cup cures that occasional want to play a footie game.

  3. I bought LA Noire on day one and haven’t even touched my copy… I wish I didn’t buy into the hype.

    • Yeah, whilst the tech was impressive, i just found the whole thing a bit limp & soulless tbh.

      There was a good game somewhere there, but something needed spicing up a bit. Not sure what off hand though.

      • A huge detailed world with fuck all to do. Needed about 3 times as many sidequests.

      • Agreed, I too am not sure what it lacked, whatever it was it was important though

      • I thoroughly enjoyed the murder based crimes but found myself getting really bored with all the vice stuff. So below-par in comparison to most other R* stuff (hated GTA4 as well mind you)

      • Not one of these +1 kinda guys so il write a few words.

        What Forrest said, exactly. The first 4-5 hours i was enjoying and then the feel of it just evaporated and became one of the most tiresome experiences and an utter chore to complete.

        It had something in there somewhere but it became lost and bounced of itself to create the most repetitive structures I have ever played.

  4. Thanks Sony, too bad i will be playing football manager courtesy of Steam, as commented above already, nothing mentioned in the article makes me have any interest in this.

  5. Looks less like a sale and more like a short summer period of pricing according to common sense

  6. At least 2 Rockstar games on sale then. Perhaps marking a certain announcement?

  7. Highly recommend MCLA, the game has stood the test of time exceptionally well.
    (decent graphics & more importantly good gameplay.)

    It would’ve been Fifa12 for me, despite being a hardened PES fan, but with FC3 & Sleeping Dogs on the horizon, plus BF3prem in my sights, it’s not happening.

  8. Am I wrong or does this at Summer sale. Can somebody tell Sony Summer ended last week in the UK.

    • Summer never started in Ireland!

    • Lucky, up North Summer has arrived with heat but still with its ally of the RAIN…

  9. A Vita sale would be appreciated.

    • Did you miss the recent Vita sale they just done recently?

    • Some Vita sales should still be on sale but, like Wipeout etc etc

  10. Not really a sale, not even really aligning price of old games with what you can buy for far, far less on other platforms. Just less of an extortion than it was before the ‘sale’.
    Steam won’t be looking over its shoulder anytime soon.

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