Community Chronicle: 05/08/12

I hope everyone’s been enjoying their British sporting on the tele, I’ve found it rather absorbing to watch. Of course, it helps that our sportswomen and sportsmen are doing so well right now.

So, as a little diversion, whilst we wait for more big events this afternoon and evening, here’s the Community Chronicle.

Where was McPhatty’s set up last week? I ended up having to slap some lame joke onto Origami Killer’s rig to poorly tie it to the start of the Olympics, but here we have a single picture filled with sports. Here’s McPhatty to explain:

I thought I’d see if you guys we’re interested in this monster. It doesn’t just play any old games, it plays the Olympic Games, all at once, hurrah!

I don’t sit and watch all these all day, usually its just the two tellys and maybe the laptop. The iPad is my dad’s, so I’ll be sneaking that back tomorrow while he’s off to watch the athletics, shhh!

To be honest I only watched them all for an hour before one of the iPods and the laptop ran out of juice, then the internet went on the blink and the whole project went to excrement. It was, however, a blissful hour of sporting overload!

A valiant effort, but clearly more power was needed to pull it all off! We also have a photo from Jambo, which is on the polar opposite of the rubbish-awesome spectrum! Shoved onto a coffee table, it features a borrowed PS3, a borrowed screen, a stack of games and, bizarrely, some legs… It’s also very blurry.

It does have Batman, though.

If you too would like to show off your shiny gaming rig, or reveal a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

Following right on from last week’s Accomplishments segment, Youles commented on the Chronicle saying that he’d already mopped up the last few Plants vs. Zombies trophies in order to nab the Platinum. Incidentally also his 30th Platinum, so a doubly special moment! Also hitting the big Three-Oh this week is MadJunkBoy, who also “Went Commando!” for the Ratchet and Clank 2 Platinum.

Colmshan’s been plugging away to secure his first Platinum on the PS Vita, in the form of MotorStorm RC (Don’t forget to load the game up on PS3 for a nice surprise!). Crazy_Del’s incessant trophy hunt saw him get the 100% for the Back To The Future games, after an hour trying to perfect a batch of rocket fuel for a particularly tricky trophy!

Origami Killer’s in a bit of a scrap with Youles on our Trophy Leaderboard, and is keeping up the momentum with the Platinum for Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. Great to see a little tussle for places on there, so keep it going you two!

In Steven Watch this week, it looks like he’s embarked on a second play through of Batman: Arkham City. Clearly he enjoyed the first go through, or he wouldn’t be doing it on New Game Plus!

Top that, Team GB!

Last week’s poll saw Colmshan’s start off a whole bunch of incestuous mutual self-liking take the top spot, meaning he’s somehow held on to the top spot for two weeks running. Can he make it three on the trot?

Well no, he can’t since he’s not even in the running! First up, we have Bilbo_bobbins saying that he’ll never be buying Free-to-Play games… I’m not 100% sure he’s grasped how these things work, but I applaud his stance!

Ron_mcphatty is hopeful that the new PEGI game ratings could finally get the Daily Mail to focus on parenting. Sadly it’s too late for him, though. It’s not too late to learn stuff, though, and fs explains how a company like Sony can try and focus their financial efforts, but where they’re going wrong.

Freezebug hopes that GTA 5 is released only when it’s fully baked and bug free. Of course, Bethesda never seem to manage to do this, so maybe it’s time for a hostile takeover by Naughty Dog, as proposed by bmg_123?

And finally Forrest makes his obligatory appearance, yawning his way through a proposed God of War spin off title.

Get voting, and don’t forget that if you spot a comment during the week that you think should be in the poll, just nominate it by hitting the thumbs up button, so it stands out when I’m hunting next week. Until next week, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. Actually Tef, tis my third playthrough as the Dark Knight. I completed it on easy once. Started another one on Normal and currently using that save to do all of the riddler trophies as well as trying to complete it. NG+ is challenging due to the fact that you have to actively watch what every thug is doing instead of relying on the counter indicator as well as the enemy setups being changed to make it more of a challenge. But you do get to use all of your upgrades from the very begining after Bruce suits up. I’m just focusing on the story as i’ve already done the side quests in the normal game. Although, i do wish that i could check the stats in game instead of having to quit then check it on the main menu. Oh and did i mention I’m Batman?

  2. There’s me winning no friends this week! Just to be clear I don’t blame all parents, just the lazy ones who could have stopped their child mowing down 37 pedestrians (which I didn’t actually do… for real anyway), the rest of you are doing a stellar job. Thanks for helping me show off the Olympic Rig! And I’ll sort out the clearly daft double name issue, sorry about that.

  3. Haha….. “Steven Watch” the lesser spotted, Bill Oddies plaything! ;)
    Mcphatty, that would be a mental, headache inducing marathon for me trying to keep track of all those screens…..bravo sir :P

  4. That’s bloody brilliant! Seven sports at once! Doesn’t look cluttered as well with all those screens. I like the simplicity of Jambo’s as a consolation :P
    Think I have just edged ahead of Youles for the time being with the Plat, so it’s a close run thing.

    • Yeah, I’m working loads at the moment so it’s a bit of a non-contest at the moment sadly. Plus DLC for games I’ve 100%’ed keeps coming out which is stalling me from starting new games!

      Thanks for the mention btw ;)

      • Brink and Rage seem to be dishing out trophies like sweets for me. I should get a healthy lead then ;)

  5. lovely setup Phatty!
    and finally we got our first gold medal in the olympics! sailing!! WOO!
    GO SWEDEN!!!! =D

  6. Team GB has been fantastic and I am very proud to be British.
    Watching Murray just now. Seems to be doing great.
    Oh another mention…. Nice xD. Back to the Future were brilliant but can be confusing sometimes haha.
    I think I will do my Gaming set-up this week. I will.

  7. I’m calling shenanigans.
    Put me in the running for the three in a row, dammit! :P

    • I’m calling shenanigans too, as my post got the most likes, yet i get absolutely no mention! *rolls eyes*

      Good job i don’t have an ego eh? :P

      I had a bit of a week off last week though, only appearing sporadically to (apparently from what i posted last week) moan & argue about stuff, so the field is very much open!

      • Dont lie you had a sissy fit in the TSA boosting thread this week ;)

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