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Assassin’s Creed III Will Feature 60 Minutes Of PS3 Exclusive Gameplay

[drop2]It seems like Ubisoft and Sony are having something of a love-in of late, with an exclusive Vita side story on offer in the Assassin’s Creed III canon and now this – an extra 60 minutes of gameplay for the PS3 version of the main game.

Found over on Amazon, the box-art for the third person adventure now has a flash across it advertising the exclusive content.

“Includes 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay” it says, ad verbatim, although doesn’t divulge any further details.

If you’re left pondering what that content might be, rest assured it’s unlikely to be anything particularly critical – it might just be an extra thing to explore or an extended section. Hopefully we’ll get some details from Ubisoft confirming the content soon enough.

Anyone wanting to read more about Assassin’s Creed III should click here immediately and follow the instructions therein.


  1. this is exactly similar to AC:B which had exclusive PS3 DLC “The Copernicus Conspiracy”

  2. I noticed this when ordering the game a few days ago. I wonder what it may be. Having got both the ps3 and psv game ordered, this fall will be killer.

  3. Probably a tie into Liberation.

  4. AC:B exclusive DLC, Assassins Creed 1 added to the disc of AC:R and now this, looks like Sony and Ubisoft have some sort of bromance.

  5. I hope it will be on the disc instead of a voucher, but if Ubisoft somehow decide to drop DRM on AC3(except for Steam) then I’m getting the game on PC.

  6. A tie into Liberation. – that is what I am thinking as well

  7. Go for AC3 on Ps3 :)

  8. We get exclusive content for a major release!? :O I’m guessing MS will throw a hissy fit as they hate not being the ones with the exclusive content. I think i will actually pick up AC3 when it releases as it looks fantastic. I suspect Liberation will crossover with AC3 at some point in the main plot.

    • I don’t think MS even got a look-in on AC to be fair.

      As far as i recall PS3 has had some form of exclusive content ever since AC2 (& if not AC2, definitely Brotherhood).

      I think Sony must be holding one of their children to ransom or something.

      • Which is surprising as they are usually the first ones to try and make a deal with the publisher, months before release. Hmm, i wonder if they have decided that AC is a lost cause?

        I suspect Kevin Butler has been sent round to have a “word” with them via the typical KB advert.

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