EA Bringing Origin to Mac

Here’s some good news for Mac owners, I suppose. EA’s Origin is coming to Mac, and SimCity in February will be functional on the platform. My first ever experience of SimCity was on a Mac so this has a nice symmetry to it for me. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever heard bad things about Origin so I’ll reserve judgement for a while.

EA is also bringing the service to Android and Facebook. We’re not entirely sure how that will pan out but it will probably have something to do with prompting you to spend money as often as it can.

There were no guarantees made for Mac compatibility of other titles just yet so we might end up with a fairly limited catalogue, as with the Steam library of Mac compatible software, but it’s a step in the right direction.


  1. Yay for Sim City, but the Origin stuff is great news to practically no one, unless you’re an EA investor I suppose.

    Presume Sim City will be tied to Origin in some way forcing use which gets its install-base artificially up, just like they did with Bf3 etc on PC

  2. Origin. pwhahahahahaaaaa. No thanks.

  3. I have uninstalled Origin and am forgetting about the £20 I spent on Battlefield! I hate it that much (almost as much as I hate EA itself right now!).
    It runs like crap – slows everything else on your computer right down, it complicated everything and makes it a chore to get a game running! Out of every app / piece of software I’ve ever used Origin is certainly the worst! It should be canned and EA should either back Steam or back Win 8 store (or both).

    • you forgot that EA can also access anything on your computer too through Origin.

      • Oooh – Evil EA pouring over your porn in order to pick the best for themselves. :O

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