New Unfinished Swan Trailer Features… Colour!

It appears that The Unfinished Swan is not as monochrome as we first thought.


The new Gamescon trailer reveals previously unseen colourful areas and also shows the player dropping spheres of water to help plants grow.

A red balloon can also be seen, please resist the urge to ‘press X to Jason’

We also get a glimpse of the titular Unfinished Swan who is missing a portion of its neck, the objective being to capture the swan who has wandered off into a surreal, unfinished kingdom.

The Unfinished Swan will be flapping its way onto the PSN at some point in the future, no release date has been announced as yet.

We’ve played The Unfinished Swan this week – check out our impressions soon.

Source: YouTube



  1. Loved the look of this, bit nitpicky but doesn’t look quite the same now there’s colour. I suppose it’s Sony’s involvement in fleshing out the concept as a release-able game.

    Can’t wait for the new stuff.

  2. Ooo, lovely stuff! The clean surfaces and dashes of colour really works. Cannot wait to see if this turns out to be an absolute gem. Hope TSA enjoyed the hands-on with it.

  3. Personally feel the colour will be better. Read in Edge interview with creators who said a lot of the vision just wasnt possible in monochrome

  4. Looks great, loving the artistic games the Ps3 is getting.

  5. Really, really WANT.

  6. I hope your impressions are favourable because i’m quite looking forward to this game.. :)

  7. Can I warrant buying a PS3 and move for this game….?

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