What We Played #66: Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II, PlayStation All-Stars

What We Played

I’ll leave you to guess the limits of my gaming this week. If you’ve been reading along for the last few weeks you’ll know the answer. Last week Tuffcub was having moving hassles and this week Kris has been playing “Panic about flatmates changing and sorting out bills being transferred into my name so I have electricity.” He describes it as “not a fun game”.

Something I hope he has been having more fun with following the installation of a new graphics card in his PC (he doesn’t mention whether he’s now playing for Team Red or Team Green) is Half Life 2. Those of you familiar with the game will know he’s not far in yet as he’s still “mostly running through tunnels at the moment”.


Returning to Tuffcub, who has inflamed our collective jealousy with his imminent return to Waikiki, so much so that mild-mannered Peter has even stooped to calling TC’s music “dodgy, camp disco tunes”, he has in turn returned to minis title A Space Shooter For Two Bucks, which he is replaying on his PS Vita having previously completed it on his belatedly bought PSP.

[drop]If you’ve read TC’s discussion-provoking Why I’m Not Taking My PS Vita On Holiday post you’ll already know that his recent move has meant the temporary loss of Internet at Casa TC. If you haven’t read it and joined in the arguments discussion in the comments, you know now. The lack of access to the wealth of Internet content, primarily those areas with a red bulb on the homepage, has left plenty of time for gaming and resulted in a real laundry list of titles and opinions:

Rock Of Ages, “erm.. hmm”; inFAMOUS 2, “almost completed – love it”; Tower Of Babel Demo, “quite fun”; Datura, “no idea what’s going on”; Final Fantasy XII-2, “just started”; Resistance: Burning Skies, “not too bad”; Dead Nation, “trying to finish it”; Lego Batman Vita, “can’t see what people were moaning about, ’tis fun”; Tales From Space: Mutant Blocs Attack, “one of the best PS Vita games going”; Metal Gear Solid II HD, “awesome”; Super Stardust Delta, “my go-to PS Vita game when I have 5 mins spare – love it”; Velocity, “obviously”; Killzone 2, “STILL CAN’T FINISH THE [email protected]#KING GAME THE LAST BOSS IS A NIGHTMARE!!”

After that little lot it’s no wonder he needs a holiday. But why can’t he settle for somewhere on our own wind-swept and rain-soaked isles? Making a welcome return to WWP this week is Chris who’s PS3 has seen very little gaming of late with PC indie titles capturing his attention. Unsurprisingly it was the pseudo-sequel to Warhawk that attracted him back.

I turned my PS3 on to test out the Starhawk update. Don’t even think I came across the new maps though, but I had an awesome time all the same. I don’t think it has the same pick up & play nature of Warhawk, but if you commit to it there’s a brilliant game there, particularly in Zones mode where the imbalances are less relevant.

Aran has finally completed the “brilliant” Halo: Reach and has now turned to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. “I’m having fun with it even though I feel the controls & camera occasionally conspire to make me fall from ledges.” He’s still managing Everton in Football Manager 2012 and is currently languishing in 7th spot behind West Brom. Sadly the wrong Albion to bring a smile to Kris’ face.

A real mixed bag of games for Blair this week. First up is Darksiders II, which “has some great mechanics and is a fun game but dragged far too much and the plot was very weak”. Then he had some hands-on time with the “good fun” PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale but wasn’t entirely convinced by it because “the Supers system is a big problem in my opinion, and it’s something they won’t be changing”.

[drop2]Having in the past played through MGS2 and MGS4, somehow missing out Metal Gear Solid 3, he has finally caught up with it in its PS Vita incarnation. While he has not spent enough time playing to truly get into it, his expectations are high.

Lastly this week we get to Peter who’s “mostly” been extracting the Michael from TC’s music playing through Sleeping Dogs for our review. Having “really enjoyed it” he sums it up as “a reasonably generic GTA clone but it has fantastic hand to hand combat and the atmosphere is pulled straight out of Hong Kong action cinema”. If like him you’re a fan of Hong Kong action cinema you could do worse than read his full review to get a proper taster.

Do you ever think about what your save games are worth to you? Try totting up the number of hours of your gaming time you have invested in them and multiply it by the last hourly wage you got paid, it’ll be a big scary number. Unpatched save-corrupting bugs have been in the news recently and a forgotten lack of auto-save caused Aran some consternation recently, while Peter has found another way to lose a save game:

I’ve also got back into New Star Soccer on iOS (and Android) since the update arrived back on the AppStore. I lost my save thanks to some issues upgrading to the iOS 6 beta so I had to start from scratch again but I spent some money on in-game currency so I could get my stats back up to where they were before so although it’s cost me about £8, I’m now as good at passing and shooting as I was when I was playing for Barcelona on my old save.

Have you got any ‘lost save game’ stories to share while you let us know what you’ve been playing this week?



  1. Started playing Sleeping Dogs yesterday, and was quickly reminded of how poor my hand to hand fighting skills are in games…….read: weapon needed soon :P It’s a great game though ;)

    • Hand to hand is about the only thing i am good at these days – I may not be able to take you out in my car, or get a decent headshot from as little as 5 metres away, but i sure as hell can give someone a damn good knuckle sandwich.

      Looking forward to picking up the game later. :)

  2. Shank 2 – Friday evening I finally managed to complete all 20 waves of survival mode. After attempting it off and on for the past 3 months suffice to say there was a great sense of achievement, lol. Just need to finish it on hard now to net the full 200gs :)

    Splinter Cell Conviction – Despite having it on my shelf since launch day I haven’t really played it to be honest. With Blacklist coming out next year I figured I should make a start on it so my mate and I fired up the co-op campaign. Really enjoyable thus far, though there does seem to be a strong focus on firearms, which isn’t really what SC games are all about in my opinion. Still, good fun nonetheless.

    SpecOps – Rented this game and played through it over the weekend. Very short but enjoyable. Tight controls and a couple of story moments I really didn’t see coming. If nothing else it proves that it is possible to put together a military shooter with a solid narrative.

    Call of Duty2 – Just continuing my ‘Hardened’ playthrough. Easily the best in the series and I had forgotten how great and epic some of those moments are. The D-Day landings and defending Hill 400 certainly spring to mind. Would love a new WW2 game!

    Halo CE Anniversary – Played through the first few levels of this classic game with a buddy (on Legendary of course, lol). Given how large some of the levels are its crazy to think it was a launch title for the original Xbox! Cracking stuff. PS: the ‘back’ button, which toggles the visuals from remake to classic mode is incredibly addictive :P

    Dust: An Elysian Tail – Only played through the demo unfortunately (no MS points until next week) but I can safely say it’s one of the best games on the store. Stunning visuals, beautiful animations and enjoyable combat all bunched into a Metroidvania package. It’s insane to think that one guy put it all together. Awesome job Dean Dodrill!

    …urrm, I think that’s it lol. I preordered Darksiders2 yesterday so hopefully that will be my main source of gaming next week :)

    • I’m like that with shank, I have about 3-4 chapters left but I can’t be asked go finish off cause am stuck at the bit were I have to follow that woman

      • Lol yeah. To be honest I struggled with the campaign on normal so I’m dreading my hard playthrough. That said I have since clocked about 10hours into the survival mode so maybe I’ve got better at the game and it won’t be so bad…. :|

  3. Been sampling games not started playing them, played a bit of dead space 2, no way am I playing that game at night scary to rarse lol

    Downloaded saints row 2 & borderlands so soon play them, glad to be using my psn plus again.

  4. I’ve played lots of LBP this week, forgot how fun it is! Aced quite a few levels now, and published my first level! Thanks to lots of the TSA community for playing and Hearting it! The Platinum shouldn’t take too long.
    If anyone else fancies helping you can Queue or Heart it here: http://lbp.me/v/dvrmmd
    Author Hearts would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks! :)

    I also played some BF3, some co-op Uncharted 2 and 3 with cam_manutd, Teflon and McProley, and also a fair few levels of Dead Space Extraction with McProley.

    I hope to make a start on the Escape Plan Underground DLC over the weekend.

  5. Currently on my second playthrough of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD to clean up the remaining trophies for that shiny platinum!

    • Also encountered kind of a dilemma yesterday. I’m currently going for the Hard playthrough trophy and the one you get for destroying the 10 meat barrels. Apparently I missed the barrel at the upper Skycart station and I was unable to get back up there after bagging Fatty Mc Boom Boom. I was genuinly pissed because I just then realized that if you save your game by overwriting an autosave, the next autosave will the overwrite your save file. At this point I was sure I had to play through the game a third time but luckily I found a youtube video from the original Stranger’s Wrath where someone reaches the upper Skycart station through a series of Boombat rocket jumps and a lot of wall climbing. Two hours and 20 quicksaves later I was standing at the upper Skycart station and successfully destroyed that hidden meat barrel. :D

      • I had that issue and missed that barrel,I had a save in the previous town so it wasn’t so bad.

  6. I did take my Vita on holiday and played Resistance Burning Skies.
    I can see why it hasn’t reviewed particularly well (floating Chimera and Ellie suddenly appearing/disappearing being particularly noticeable), but really enjoying anyway.

  7. I’ve been nailing mgs4,its great to play again,especially after the hd collection.Also been playing the guardian of light which is fun in small bursts.
    Vita wise finished escape plans new dlc,which I found a few levels real tricky,I’ve been finishing up gravity rush and the best of all SOUND SHAPES! its amazing,but death mode is hard as nails!

  8. Bit of Max Payne 3 with thebezerka on Monday, where dare I say I did exceptionally better than usual, despite some players who were clearly MACHINES. Anyone who can survive 3 one on ones with me in one life & know where I am every time I am close to them surely cannot be human.

    The area I live decided to play ‘Powercut’ on Tuesday forcing myself & the wife to resort to cards by candlelight like it was the bloody dark ages. It came back on just after my Dirt Showdown meet started (yes, I had arranged a meet, which made it ultra-annoying), so I quickly abandoned the wife in favour of joining the guys for some car crunching action. I can assure you that as harsh as that sounds, after the day I had on Tuesday, it was required. Almost came first once too (which is an achievement against the Dirt guys), but well not go into that as it involved a lot of spinning & cursing literally just before the line on the last lap. Bloody 8 ball. You are a really fun mode to play, but you can be rage inducing at times.

    Last night saw some Ridge Racer & I was humbled that I had not ‘lost it’ by genuinely beating a few randoms a few times (yes, there were randoms playing! :O). It’s nice to get wins of course, but even better if you genuinely earn them.

    Other than that, the rest of my gaming time has been spent playing a bit of Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars & trying to finish up Spidey-man so that it’s ready to trade on Tuesday.

    • “ready to trade on Tuesday.”
      Hmm, I smell some Darksiders ;)

      • Yup – I have Lego Batman 2 & Toy Story 3 (which i helped the wife plat the other day) to trade for Sleeping Dogs today & then Piddleman will be traded for Darksiders on Tuesday.

        Not overly entralled by the notion that friend trading may be required in a singleplayer game that is all about progression & discovering stuff for yourself (there is a trophy for gifting something to a friend which is a little ambiguous), but thats a minor niggle for someone that enjoyed the first as much as i did. :)

      • Heh yeah that achievement/trophy puzzled me too. Fortunately you can gift items to anyone on your friends list, they don’t even have to own the game lol. Basically I’m just going to find some pointless item I don’t intend on using and just send that :) Easy peasy

      • Death’s Dildo it is then.

      • LOL. Speaking of items, you’ll get a couple of extras as you have a Darksiders1 save. On paper they seem a bit weak and shite but apparently if you forge them with some of your other weapons it gives them a stupidly high critical hit rate :)

      • Meh, i hate it when games do that – I mean, it’s a nice idea if you have masses & masses of HDD space, but for someone like me who is clawing back every little bit that they can at every juncture, keeping saves for games i am no longer playing is just not viable.

        I wish there was a way that stuff like that would go off of trophy listings (say if you got the plat, which i did) & that way, you would have a constant & keeping saves wouldn’t be necessary.

        Oh well, i am sure there will be a weapon that will allow for plenty of bad-assery without. :)

      • As far as I’m aware, it does go by your trophies from the first game and not save data. I’m like you Forrest, why keep a save for a game that’s completed (unless it has some kind of free roam post game element).

      • Ooh – That’ll be marvellous if it does. :)

        Wish more games took that stance, as it costs no HDD space for it to go from the trophies you have earned by playing the game (although, maybe this is harder to code).

  9. Haven’t’ really sunk my teeth into any games this week. Been playing little bits of a few games. Played the first chapter of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge which was actually really enjoyable! RAGE seems to have already become repetitive; drive here, do this, drive back. Brink’s AI continues to frustrate me, still get the feeling I’m a one man army in the missions. Battlefield 3 online has been awesome though, only keeping to the TSA server as I like to recognise a few names on there and fire some lead in their face. Harry Potter LEGO 5-7 is leaving me baffled at times, it makes me feel stupid as I get really stuck on puzzles and the game has an age rating of 7.
    Also played in the MS:A tournament which was good fun.

    • If you need any help on Brink, give me a shout & if not busy i’ll jump in. Similarly if you get a bit baffled by Lego HP, ask away & if i remember what to do, i’ll gladly help.

      • Thanks if I see you on ill drop you a message, I only have two main missions to complete with this one character. My intelligence feels insulted by the LEGO HP :L

      • Haha – You are doing better than me then, i have just completed a random handful of missions from where i have dropped into meets.

        Couln’dt even tell you which ones i have done & which i haven’t! :S

      • Haha well I’ve tried to follow the story, however weak it is, and only on the last two security “save the ark” ones. It’s a shame as the game is perfectly designed for MP, or at least 4 player coop, so each player could be a different class.

  10. Finished off my extra hard run of Yakuza Dead Souls at the weekend. Then did another run through on normal just to grind XP towards the level 99 trophy.

    Bought Sound Shapes from the store on Wednesday, platinumed it in the early hours of Thursday morning on PS3, then synced my save with the Vita for another platinum (numbers 64 and 65 for me). Extremely good game, although a few of the death mode challenges are extremely frustrating.

    • Nice – So is that Plat for Yakuza now then, or you have more random stuff to do?

      • Still need to get 6 hostesses as partners (waste of time and effort) and do a run on Dead Souls difficult … but I’m not looking forward to it as you need to start from scratch and all the zombies are in ‘rage’ mode.

      • Ugh – That does sound like a bit of a chore tbh. Unfortunately, Yakuza games are great & are renowned for their quirky-ness, but are also a little annoying in their nature to do everything & see everything twice (or six times in this case!).

        I don’t think i’m going to bother with the plat (for pretty much those reasons), but i wish you luck on your journey sir. :)

    • Agreed on the death mode of sound shapes R1M ,some of them feel impossible!I’ve still got a fair few to do!

      • Some of them do require a fair amount of luck for the note placement. I found it highly addictive though.

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