PSN Maintenance Today – Again

Sony Europe really needs a central news page for this info – SCEJ has one – but until then it’s apparently reasonable to relay news that the PlayStation Network will be down for a good part of the day via a forum post.

Naturally, there’s nothing on the PlayStationEU Twitter about this.


The deal? The PSN will be under a fairly sizeable maintenance window today, from 9AM Pacific time (the info comes via SCEA) and runs through until 4PM Pacific. By my reckoning that’s from about Tea Time, BST, until the early morning.

In the first hour of this maintenance, at least, users might get a notification when trying to access the PSN. You will, however, be able to play online providing you’ve signed in recently.

The Store and Account Management will be offline, though.



  1. What the heck is this?

  2. They must be using this time to get CS GO onto the EU PSN store.


    • Terrorists win?

    • It bloody better be cus i’ve had enough of this eu psn crap!

  3. ?

  4. HaHa! Spam alert! Just out of curiosity, how sad and alone do you have to be to waste people time writing such shit?

    • It’s probably a robot.

    • I always thought robots were sad and lonely. Maybe this is why they started a war on humanity in the Terminator films as a cry for attention?

  5. Spam / unwanted crap / stupid messaging / whatever attact!

    I hope this ‘member’ gets kicked off TSA as soon as possible!

    • I mean ‘date975’ of course, not the post about PSN being fixed again…!

  6. Ah XBL it is tonight then. ANybody bought CS?

  7. Spam aside (as it wasn’t present when i got here!), yet again, absolutely no notice of this maintenance… At all. That really gets on my tits.

    I have 2 meets planned tonight from 8 onwards, so what the hell does ‘signed in recently’ mean? Today? In the last week? Month?? Year maybe????

    Or does it in fact mean we need to be signed in before the maintenance window like it usually says we need to??


  8. Can you please ban this spam bot?

  9. This is where Sony are failing AGAIN. as much as I don’t mind them doing it, not saying anything about it to their loyal customers is a fantastic piece of service from them.

    I know people can still play online, but Sony really need to get their act together and keep everyone informed of such things. It could have a knock-on effect to the next gen too if it carries on.

    People are only loyal, until they get majorly pissed off by one thing.

  10. what exactly was written, i seem to have this post and it may have already been deleted, oh well :)

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