Uncharted Movie Has a New Script Writer, No Director

The ongoing attempts to get one of Sony’s most cinematic first party properties converted into a movie have hit another snag. According to Variety, Neil Burger is no longer attached to direct the film. There is no replacement at this time.

New scriptwriters have been hired, too. Marianne and Cormac Wibberly wrote both the National Treasure movies as well as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle so don’t get your hopes up for anything too subtle or insightful from the Uncharted script they pen.


Variety says that Sony Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and Arad Productions – who are co-producing the movie – will wait for the script to come back before approaching a new director for the project.

Nothing about it is inspiring confidence in me, I found the National Treasure movies to be basically unwatchable and if the film can’t at least equal the presentation of the game’s cinematic legacy then it will be a failure, in my opinion.



  1. These Hollywood moguls couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery…

  2. I actually really enjoyed the National Treasure films – and in creating a script for an Uncharted movie their choice makes sense. However, the less said about Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle the better….

  3. Charlie’s Angels I dunno, but I think National Treasure makes sense; it’s the most Uncharted like film in the last years.

  4. Bit late now, i think the Uncharted series has gone as far as it can. They should let it rest for a few years now.

  5. Sounds like this could be binned in the end. Not much luck with it so far.

  6. National Treasure was an awfully written action/adventure film. It wasn’t terrible, but it was so convoluted from what it could have been.

    In losing david o russell it lost the only good thing going for it (sure fans may not have liked what he was fleshing out, but it was in that fleshing out that would have made it a good movie) and if this ever sees the light of day I’d be surprised if it was any better than the million weak movies made from video games that have gone before it.

  7. I’m so glad it’s not someone who has been involved with Uwe Boll as Uncharted should be very easy to get right. It’s about one man hunting for a relic that happens to be a bit supernatural or a lost city. But i’m sure they will try to appeal it to the masses by including slow motion, dubstep, a hot female character that has no reason to be there etc.. Just do a CGI film as it is easier to do a decent video game film with a 100% CGI on. As Resident Evil:Degeneration was decent. :)

    I did like the first NT but i’ve heard the second one is a bit crap so this doesn’t sound good for Uncharted.

  8. I love the National Treasure films. Makes sense to choose them to write it.

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