Sir Dan, Nariko Confirmed For PS All-Stars Battle Royale

Gamespot has recently gone live with a new video preview of the much-anticipated PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Featuring Seth Killian (Sony Santa Monica) and Omar Kendall (SuperBot Entertainment) this latest demo showcases the game’s four most recently announced heroes, two of which have yet to be formally announced.


Stripped from the depths of the PlayStation archives, Sir Daniel Fortesque is the fondly-remembered protagonist behind Sony’s MediEvil franchise. Wielding a variety of weapons (as featured in the original games) Sir Dan is described as one of the slowest-attacking characters, but also one of the strongest.

Making her debut during the early days of PlayStation 3, Nariko is one of the most memorable female protagonists to have graced the medium in the recent years. Proficient in bladed weaponry, Nariko is set to make her long-awaited return to the platform following the cancellation of Heavenly Sword II.

With characters being leaked, announced, and rumoured left, right, and centre it’s been hard to keep count. With that said, we’re surely closing in on the final roster, aren’t we?



  1. Finally can settle the battle between Nariko and Kratos.

    • You kidding right, the only fight here will be kratos getting some extra orbs of her behind cover

    • Yeah!?!? Welll!! Sir Daniel Fortesque lost a eye and still lived to save Gallowmere and London!

  2. I still have my hopes for Crash Bandicoot. Oh and would love to see Wander!!

  3. do I preorder the Vita version & the PS3 version will come with it for free?

    • Other way round I think.

    • I was looking into this as well. I think “Cross-Buy” only works when you buy the PlayStation 3 version. Kinda makes sense beings on is cheaper than the other.

  4. Sir Dan!
    Delighted. A true Playstation legend.

    • Ditto, looking forward to playing MediEvil on my Vita very soon.

      • One step ahead of you there. :P

  5. If they can get in Crash Bandicoot & Snake[MGS] & Lara Croft in the game then that would be PERFECT :P :P :P

    • I think it would be good, but those guys are just way to obvious

    • Snake is unlikely due to him being a Super Smash character.

  6. I’m really happy that the brave Sir Dan has made it into the game, I’ve always wanted it to happen and I’m glad the character wasn’t overlooked. Easily one of the best highlights of my childhood.

    Now… next would be Raziel & Kain and Rayman but I doubt that will happen.

    • …and yeah I think I’m sold.

  7. Rayman or I’m out… please? :(

    • I don’t think Ubisoft have had anyone step into the PS All Stars ring yet. Topping their list is probably Ezio, Sam Fisher, and Rayman (I would guess.)

    • Oh Ryman would be ace!

  8. I’d like to see Tommy Vercetti and Nathan Hale.

    Wasn’t Solid Snake in the nintendo one? Big Boss might be better for this one, his power up dealy good be a metal gear!

    • Sadly, I don’t think we’ll see anything from Snake considering the amount of emphasis being put on Raiden.

      As for Tommy Vercetti, I’d like to see a nod to the GTA franchise too though I personally I’d prefer Max Payne or John Marston coming from the Rockstar stable.

      • I disagree, I think Snake will be in the game in some form; remember the tweet Cole’s voice actor made months ago? He said he was recording lines for the game along with Nolan North (Drake) and David Hayter (Snake). Unless there’s an MGS-themed level where Snake pops up in the background, he must be a playable character.

  9. All the leaked characters confirmed…I bet Ninja Theory is well chuffed that they make up 10% of the roster :P

    I wonder how many are left to go…all they need for me to give myself completely to this game is Crash Bandicoot, but Snake or a Final Fantasy character would be awesome too. I’m not sure if Spyro would work, him being a quadruped and all. Ezio or Connor from AC3 is, sadly, probably more likely than Rayman if Ubisoft is going to contribute a character.

    Probably won’t happen, but I would also love to see Zone of the Enders represented in some way.

  10. The more I see of this game, the more interested in it I am. Looking good.

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