Tokyo Jungle Arrives In Europe This Month

Toyko Jungle will arrive in Europe on September 26th for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network for the princely sum of just £9.99.

There really aren’t enough games in which you play as a Pomeranian and some of the TSA staff (namely me) can’t wait to get their paws on this quirky game.

Missions include playing as a hungry Beagle who tries to overthrow a tyrannical Tosa Inu and a Hyena who has to secretly recon the Lions territory.

A press release on the official Tokyo Jungle site suggests that the game will also be playable on Vita via remote play.

Source: ShopTo


  1. Cant wait to try this out and for a tenner will be a day one purchase for me.

  2. £9.99? Bargain, that. SOLD. Hope it sells well.

  3. you mean it’s due to arrive this month, doesn’t it will, not with scee involved.

    anyway, i think this is one of those games where i’d need a demo before i ever consider buying it, unless it was ultra cheap, then i might take a risk.
    but £9.99 isn’t what i’d call ultra cheap.

  4. Ahahahaha! They probably will pull it within minutes of the release and never talk of it again…

  5. Day one, if SCEE doesn’t screw it up that is…

  6. Hope there’s a trial for this!

  7. Absoloute day one! I can’t WAIT to play this game :P

  8. Wish it was on 360! :’ ( This may be something that I’m going to get when I borrow a PS3 for The Last Of Us.

  9. What’s the gameplay actually like? Quirkyness is one thing but it should still play well.

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