Podcast: Episode 76 – Paralympics, Joe Danger and a Mother’s Son

This week’s podcast is a short one. With Kris still out of action, Lewis presents and we fly through our usual running order in just an hour. We’ve all had busy weeks so there was a limited amount to talk about and Lewis’ trip to the Paralympics meant that there was no quiz this week either.

So we talked about some news, including the Call of Juarez sequel, Vita’s remote play capabilities and Joe Danger’s sequel release date. Then we went straight in to hearing about how the game plays thanks to my access to preview code and Kev and Lewis’ experience with the previous game.

Kev talked about a fairly poor iPad game he’s been playing before Lewis told us about the Paralympics. Lewis and I talked a bit about an iOS game called Plague Inc and then he spoke about A Mother’s Son, a TV drama starring Martin Clunes and Hermione Norris.

We raced through a few questions before Lewis closed the show in time to catch the finals of some Paralympics events.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. uh, Peter, you might be thinking of Gunstringer, not gunslinger.
    assuming you’re thinking of that one where you control a puppet cowboy with kinect.

    and i don’t think the setting was the big problem with the last CoJ game.

    i kind of feel sorry for Joe Danger, with a name like that he’s was pretty much doomed to be a stuntman, you couldn’t be a doctor with a name like Joe Danger could you?

    finally, my own theme music, every good hero should have some. ^_^
    1 point for anybody who gets that reference.

    • Or a anti hero in a triple a action flick. With Bruce Willis, Arnie i-can’t-spell-his-name-and-always-risk-sounding-racist-if-i-pronouce it-wrong, Silvester Stallon, Jet Lee, wait, am i just reading the names of the actors who are in the expendables? O-o

    • I was thinking of Gunstringer. That’s how memorable it was…

  2. My question wasn’t read on the podcast. :(

    • Yeah, Lewis kinda rushed off to watch the Paralympics! Leave it again and I’ll make sure we answer it this week. I promise.

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