PS3 Firmware 4.25 Out Now – Any Secrets?

Overnight Sony – as we thought they might – pushed out the latest PlayStation 3 firmware. Switch on your console and you’ll be prompted to update to version 4.25.

The main advertised feature is an increase in the cloud storage limits – it’s now up at a much healthier gigabyte – but there’s always a few extra changes hidden away with these updates.


In this case, though, any changes really are hidden, or at least currently locked away.

There’s been a couple of things that we’ve wanted to see in the pipeline that might well be contained in 4.25, though. The first is a web store for the PS3, much like the Xbox 360 has, so that users can queue and make purchases via a browser, to be pushed through to the console.

The other is the apparently automatic (and OS-level) cross-buy system, which would allow users to buy software on one platform and have the other (PS3, Vita) automatically grab the relevant alternate version. We’d also love to be able to see what our Vita buddies are playing from our PS3s.

Or, of course, it might just be upping that cloud storage.



  1. Well i checked mine a half five this morning i had the update but the cloud save was no bigger and yes i know im sad checking it before work lol

    • You did it for the team, well done private.

  2. Just finished updating nothing much has changed was hoping,to play fifa 13 beforemwork but no luck lol

  3. I had to click on the cloud storage folder,then go back before it updated.

    • When I did the above, my used spaced auto increased to 980mb???

      • I thought mine had increased to 911MB, but then realised it meant I had 911MB OF 1024MB space free.

      • ahh facepalm:) Thankfully one of us thinks clearly.

  4. x-game chat!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  5. Does upping the cloud storage really require a firmware update?! This is getting ridiculous! (Although I suppose they have thrown in hte usaual few under-the-bonnet tweeks alongside it)

    • Ive never known anything so ridiculous in my life! I cant believe Sony made us do a firmware update for this, mind boggling.

  6. Would be fantastic if we could finall change your names. I hate my PSN name (my SxithAxis name also) & I want to change it.

    • The longer purchases, trophies etc are carried forward through various Sony consoles, I suspect this is more likely to become possible (plus I think MS/XBox offers this service).

      It could be worse, you could of had something like ii_xX_Ar5e2mOutH_Xx_ii like I see whne playing CoD online. I suspect they thought it was funny at the time, but not so amusing when someone asks for their PSN ID or when trying to get a message sent with the various “cool” letters and mix of digits/letters.

      • My old housemate had ‘LordGayLord’ as his Xbox ID, to his credit he’s stuck with it!

      • Haha, good on him!

      • Yes Youles, you can change your GT but it costs 800microsoft points. I would like to change my psn id but i don’t want to create another account.

    • Yeah. I’m one of these dudes that just has loads of alias’ but I’ve just made an account on Xbox Live and going to stick with that now. Be great if I could change that my psn to something either similar or same.

      • change my* – What is wrong with me this morning! Spelling error after spelling error!!

    • Always niggled me how users in Japan, are the only region to have this feature. I’ve even read on some forums, of users actually saying they’d pay for this feature.
      Niggles me when online that some people(not all,) verbally call me E 8 Ball(e8-eight get it:) Would love the option to refine my ID, or change it completely.

      • Why didn’t you just call yourself 8 ball? Lol!

      • I wish i could rename my PSN account to heshagsyourgran or thatenglishblokewhowanksalot. :p

      • The second user name is already taken…………… BY ME……

      • @tactical20, because the system will not accept a number for the first character(lol.)

      • and here goes steven wanking again! :P
        i think steven also could use:

        and his favourite song would be:
        Wanking 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton Feat. Willy Wanka!

  7. The extra Cloud storage will be really handy – filled mine up ages ago!

  8. It might just be me, but the multiple save game to an external HD always came back with errors and wouldn’t complete, it just worked a charm after the update though.

  9. Only secret i found was there was no Fifa 13 demo.

    • Why would a demo be in a mandatory firmware update?

      • i could be wrong, but i reckon that was a joke…

  10. I’m glad about the cloud storage, i’ve recetly switched HDD and its a god way to trasfer game saves, obviously there are other methods of doing this, but still cool.

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