007 Legends Box Art Features A Golden Bum

[drop2]Activision has released the box art for 007 Legends which is out on 19th October.

Let’s see, there’s a nice shot of the dead lass painted in gold from Goldfinger and also an Aston Martin chasing around an ice field, obviously taken from Die Another Day.


We also have Jaws plummeting toward the ground, the shot taken from Moonraker and then WHATTHEBEJEBUSISTHAT?

Is that zombie Daniel Craig? What on earth have they done to him? That looks more like Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock.

You’d think that MI6 could stretch to getting the poor lad an hour at the day spa to get that waxy skin treated, the Russian spies will all be teasing him.



  1. Worst box art since Batman AC: GOTY?

  2. It looks terrible, a complete eyesore :/

  3. This is the worst PS3 boxart I have ever seen.

  4. Yep, laughably terrible and utterly unbelievable.

  5. Lol, can’t you just tell this is a Tuffcub article? Comedy!

  6. looks kinda like Harrison Ford, old Harrison Ford. O_O

    nice bum though. ^_^

  7. Please don’t tell me all the budget when on this piss-poor effort! Even my limited Photoshop skills could do beter than this.

    There’s an idea for a competition … redesign some of the worst box art from the last twenty years :-)

    • /went on

    • I could have done a better job with mspaint… Worst boxart ever…

  8. Jesus, it’s like going back to the PS1, infact, even then they weren’t that bad.

  9. And the TSA award for the worst box art of the year goes to….. 007 Legends. Congrats on being awful. *typical award show music plays*

    I could draw something in paint and that would probably be better then this. In fact, i would just draw a gun with 007 coming out of it.

  10. May as well have put a Casino Royale era David Niven on the box. Just as relevant.

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