Sony’s Jack Tretton Says Dust 514 Is “Coming Out Next Month”

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO, Jack Tretton spoke to Fox Business a couple of weeks ago about the state of the the gaming industry and Sony’s financial position within it. The interview was general business talk but Dust 514 was mentioned.

During the interview Mr Tretton was asked about cheap and free to play games on Sony devices. After confirming that Sony was working on such titles he spoke about Dust 514 and said it was “coming out next month.” October is just a  week away but CCP Games, the developers, are yet to confirm anything.


We’ll keep an eye out for news and see if CCP announce a release date soon. Dust 514 will affect the status of CCP’s PC title, EVE Online, while the EVE situations will affect scenarios in Dust 514.

Source: Fox Business via PS Lifestyle



  1. Isn’t there a voucher for it (along with Uncharted 3) in the new PS3 bundles? And if they are out soon, then this can’t be too far behind.

  2. I didn’t think dust 524 was going to be free to play, or have I read that wrong? I sincerely hope its not as that means there’ll be subscriptions or microtransactions or other nonsense I can’t be arsed with.

    • Yes it’s F2P, but there are microtransactions. It has to make its money back somehow.

    • I just hope they don’t charge over £15 for Aurum or whatever the currency is. Extremely dislike the popularity of charging ridiculous amount of money for virtual item.

      • Hhopefully it uses in game currency like on eve :)

      • Aurum prices will probably be steep. But then I’ve never seen anything that you can buy with it that would give a massive advantage over anyone else. Mostly it just seems to be a way to use higher level guns/gear at a slightly lower level. Which is nice, but not something I feel I’d need to spend money on.

  3. Yes it’s F2P, but there are microtransactions. It has to make its money back somehow.

  4. Highly doubt it’s coming out next month. Final beta build is coming out at the end of this month though…so maybe if all goes well, the game could be released at the end of next month.

  5. Poor beta and its micro transactions idea is a no no for me. Another title I wont be going near. It’s a great idea if implemented properly but the controls are shocking, and the whole thing confusing with not much action.

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