Let’s Guess At Which PlayStation Mobile Games Will Release Tomorrow For PS Vita

I don’t mean to be flippant, but PlayStation Mobile launches tomorrow and Sony haven’t said anything about which games are being released when, and for how much money. For a brand new service spanning their latest console and a whole host of Android platforms, this is a little bit crazy.

We’ve been told to look out for a launch day list tomorrow, but until then, let’s guess at which games might make the cut from the only real source of information – the Gamescom sizzle video, two minutes of games flashing up without much in the way of explanation or description.


This list, then, is largely guesswork…

I can see: Alien Breed, something called Tractor Trails, a clone of Kururin on the Gameboy Advance called (I assume) Twist Pilot, some Tron game that might be called Positron, Lemmings, a shuffle-puck title called Flick Hockey, something called Word Blocked, another game called Panic with an octopus in the logo, something called In Vivo and Laughing Jackal’s Hungry Giraffe and Cubixx.

A few others: Samurai Beatdown, Zoo Zoo Go!, Action Commando, Underline, Pro Zombie Soccer, the wonderful Super Crate Box, and something called Chimpact.

That’s quite a few games.

Any or none of these might release tomorrow, by the way. The only confirmed one I can find after a quick span is that Eufloria is locked, and as far as I know both of Futurlab’s titles will make the cut – although they weren’t on the sizzle reel due to some last minute development.

So who knows?



  1. I had no idea it was even launching tomorrow… did they even make a proper announcement on this?

  2. To be honest, so long as Super Crate Box makes it, I’ll be an incredibly happy bunny. I’m pretty much at the limit of how high I can score on a touch screen.

  3. I think Aqua Kitty is launch too.
    Underline is launch

    Is Loot The Land launch? Eh.

    Anyway, lots of awesome looking games :)

  4. Also, the “Alien” one is “Alien Slime Monster” from Ripstone, which has been slightly delayed from “launch” to “launch window” (apparently)

    • Which Alien one?

      • I think i am beginning to imagine things and that i should go back to bed ;)

  5. The approach of building up absolutely zero momentum or interest is called The Roynaldo Effect. :-P

    (you needed to be following Roynaldo on Twitter to get this so apologies for the niche comment) :-)

  6. Anyone else think this is likely to be delayed by SCEE whilst being released everywhere else tomorrow?

  7. Yes Aqua Kitty will be out as a release title on the 3rd.
    Website – http://tikipod.com/aquakitty/

    We should be released in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, North America and Japan PSN stores (and maybe some other territories I am not sure).


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