Retro City Rampage Launch Trailer

Retro City Rampage, the massive indie game that spoofs on Grand Theft Auto (and pretty much every old school game worth spoofing) is out today / tomorrow, in the US, depending on when you read this.

And to celebrate, there’s a launch trailer – above.

There’s no set date yet for the European release – Sony say it’s out later this month and there’s no specifics on an Xbox 360 release (the Xbox logo isn’t even on the trailer), although the PC release is worldwide, and will be out in a matter of hours.

The game, which ticks every box I can think of, even has a “XZ Moonbeam” graphics mode. Sir Clive Sinclair would be so proud.


  1. I’ll have to wait for a UK release thanks to way vita handles accounts:-(

  2. looks like they’ve got bits of just about every NES game ever made in there, with a few modern ones.
    the virtual meat boy with the garish virtual boy colour scheme was funny.

    i don’t know if scee are responsible for making european ps3 owners wait, but i can’t help but feeling like they are.
    must be a Pavlovian response. ^_^

    anyway, the game looks like fun.
    completely mental, but fun.

    • also, what’s a moonbeam graphics mode when it’s at home?

      i googled it, but no luck.

      • I’m assuming it’s a reference to the ZX Spectrum.

  3. Was going get this but it looks awful, I just don’t see the big deal. The game is dated, it should be illegal to release such game with such graphics, I know it’s retro but still why would even waste your money on this on a 250 console

    • Obviously born in the 90s! :-p

      The only way this could be better, was if it took 20mins to load.

    • “it should be illegal to release such game with such graphics”


    • I like the fact I can alternate between experiences like this and ‘big budget’ titles like Uncharted or Little Big Planet on my Vita.

      One of the best games I’ve played this year is Motorstorm RC, a £4 downloadable title.

      I believe the better the variety of games available for a console the better it is for gamers.

      • Believe it or not didn’t like motor storm RC, I regretted that purchase lol

    • I feel sorry for you.

    • …I too was brought up in the 90s with 16bit at full force (until murdered by Playstation) and this looks amazing.

      8bit illegal? pfft madness

  4. Erm ok………. :s

  5. It’s got Smash TV in there – awesome!

  6. Has the underwater level from TMNT on the NES! Amazing!

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