Footage From Treadstone, The Cancelled Bourne Game

A video containing footage from a cancelled Bourne game has surfaced online. Treadstone was under development for consoles, but was cancelled in 2011.

It was the third cancelled project in as many years to hit developer Radical Entertainment, following on from Scarface 2 and Crash Team Racing. During that time they also developed Prototype and its sequel, which unfortunately lead to their partial closure as the franchise failed to find a “broad commercial audience” according to their parent company, Activision.


From the footage, Treadstone looks like a 3rd person, open world shooter. Looking at the graphics and the audio might well have been at a reasonably advanced stage of development making its cancellation even more unfortunate.

Source: Vimeo, Via @supererogatory



  1. At 46 seconds does he open, and then proceed to walk magically though the phonebox door :/

  2. Looks good, who owns the code? Id hope that something can be salvaged from it.

  3. “he’s the bald guy on the cellphone,use your digression!”
    yeah well done! what he does is shoots the poor sap in the street minding his own business.
    looked like it could a been a 7pointer on the tsa scale.
    funnily enough i enjoyed the other bourne game…

    • The guy told Bourne to try and take the bald guy alive I’m pretty sure. The guy he shot was probably an agent.

  4. Using his PDA/phone to make stuff happen seems a bit of a Watch Dogs vibe

  5. I love the Bourne franchise although I’ve never played the original game out of fear that it sucks. From what I’ve heard it wasn’t actually half bad… This video however didn’t spike my interest.

    • I quite enjoyed the Bourne game.
      Not brilliant but okay if u can get it cheap :)

  6. I liked the first one, and would definately have played this one as well.
    I do enjoy them simple cover shooter type games.
    What a shame, hate to hear that things get cancelled after having been worked on for a significant amount of time, and this was starting to look good.

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