Now Prototype Developers Radical Claim They’re Not Dead, Too

It appears that after years of shoving zombies into games, developers themselves have started rising from the grave.

The WipEout Twitter feed sprang back in to life earlier this week and now Radical Entertainment, the team behind the Prototype franchise, are shuffling back.


Back in June Activision said ‘closing Radical Entertainment as a creative entity was the only option,’ but they were keeping a skeleton staff to help out on other projects (read: Call of Duty).

The tweet (the first since June) sounds rather optimistic so lets give them a cheery wave and welcome Radical back to the land of the living.

Source: Twitter



  1. lol @ (read: Call of Duty)

    Good for them though. Never good hearing a studio getting shut down. Let’s see what they bring next year

  2. Fingers crossed for a Prototype 3! I’m about 2/3rds through the second one and really can’t get enough of it!

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