New PSN Store Launches, Adding Funds Not Working Yet

The new PSN Store has launched in the UK, following its New Zealand and Australia launch earlier this morning. We’re currently piling through it and collecting our thoughts, but it’s worth pointing out that currently the ability to add funds to your wallet is somewhat problematic.

“For anyone having trouble adding funds to your wallet on the new Store,” PlayStation tell us, “apologies, this issue will be fixed in the next couple of hours.”


Purchases should work as normal, it’s just the process of adding funds to the wallet that’s currently under construction. Hopefully it’ll be fixed before the main Store Update happens, which should be later this afternoon and include the likes of The Unfinished Swan.

Content is currently live, including a demo for Sports Champions 2, but it’s not able to be downloaded yet – attempts to do so are met with an error message.

Stay tuned for more analysis over the coming hours.



  1. quite funny really. I understand there will be problems, but not being able to add money and spend it, to me, sounds like a major muck up.

  2. Australia’s was slow too, right? Does not bode well :/

  3. Hopefully adding funds will be sorted by this evening so i can pick up Unfinished Swan.

  4. Noooo I sold my ps move lol I might have to rebuy it for sports champion 2 one was epic

    • The store ain’t live in the UK not as far as I can see

      • I have many accounts. My Spanish account has updated to the new formate but my English, American, Japanese and Hong Kong accounts have not.

  5. Wait. You seem to be implying that a Sony software release is gimped in some way.

    Didn’t see that one coming :-/

  6. Why no icon to let you know the content is loading? in the old store you could at least see that it hadn’t frozen.

  7. when i used the aus one this morning the first loadup too ages, but was faster 2nd time around.

    as for the content it took ages to load in, i just put that down to me being in the uk….hopefully when i get home the new store will be faster.

  8. I bought a game and wallet took payment from my card. No problems.

  9. And it’s reverted back to the old store. Nice to see that SCEE have delivered everything as expected.

  10. It’s bound to be slow with the extra traffic, saying I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and it really does need optimising to be much faster….

    • What extra traffic? Most will be at work, Uni, school etc. and this weeks update isn’t up yet….

      • The update is on the Spanish store all ready.

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