PSN Store Update: 17/10/12 – The Big One

[drop2]No doubt you’ll be well aware that today’s PSN Store Update is a little bit different – along with the usual content you’ll notice (as we revealed last week) that the interface has been given a complete overhaul. New visuals, new mechanics, new ways to buy more stuff.

The main game this week is The Unfinished Swan, exclusive for seven days to PS Plus.


Our review has attracted much attention, so give it a look if you’ve not already, and make sure you give the game a good luck if you like your PSN titles to be a little bit different.

Also available is the new Doom 3 BFG Edition (for £29.99), which includes Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, plus the all-new ‘Lost Mission’ missions. In addition, make sure you grab the beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale if you’ve got Plus, it’s there for both PS3 and Vita.

If you’ve got £50 spare, Sleeping Dogs is also out for download, and on the Vita there’s Burn The Rope and a demo of Super Monkey Ball. Cubixx and OMG Zombies also join the PlayStation Mobile pile, at £2.39 each. No trophies for these yet, remember.

In terms of DLC, check out Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate’s Booty (£7.99/€9.99) for Borderlands 2, three costume packs for Dead or Alive 5 (at £3.99 each) and the Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack for, well, Mass Effect 3. Sadly, there’s still no Counter Strike: GO (might as well strike that one off the list, guys) or a YouTube App.

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  1. If you preorder When Vikings Attack, you save a couple of quid.

    It’ll release for £7.99, but it’s £5.49 to preorder. Awesome.

    • And remember PSN doesn’t take your preorder monies until 2 days before release date.

    • I can’t even find the game in the store :/

      It’s pretty hard to find the latest games. Even more hard tp find the latest psvita,psp and minis becuase they are not included in the latest section.

      • I have no clue either. I searched for what i wanted.

      • The search function doesn’t work properly.
        I found The Walking Dead episode 4 by traversing the path Games/Latest/All/ then going two pages over and choosing “All Latest Games”.
        When trying the search tool, it didn’t find The Walking Dead at all, neither by keyword “The Walking” or just “Walking”

      • I just have no idea how to find anything, really.

      • this thread of comments indicates this perhaps could have done with a limited community preview.

        I had a look when it went live & grabbed what I initially wanted, haven’t had a proper look around yet because it was so slow (hopefully to do with traffic levels, not poor coding) Will have another go later when or tomorrow.

      • i think, maybe that’s what they are doing, getting europe to test it so all the bugs are out for the us launch.
        or is that just me being cynical? ^_^

    • Nice but I get the error: You cannot access this on your account.
      Erm… what?

  2. If you pre order DOOM at game you get RAGE for free the anarch version.

    Battle royal for vita looking forward to trying that might download the monkey ball game.. Not that exciting tbh the update

  3. Nothing for me this week other than seeing what the new interface is like on the store. Don’t know if its a feature already in the update, but a wishlist would be awesome. That way I can just save stuff I’ll get at a later date…like steam. Make it happen Sony!

  4. I’ve got doom winging its way to me from gamestation for the princely sum of £9.24 after receiving a £5 off code and having just shy of 11 pounds on my Elite rewards card BONUS :)

  5. Just the Battle Royale for me.
    Was interested in the Unfinished Swan, but not for that price.

  6. “good luck if you like your PSN titles to be a little bit different.” Bit of a typo there. Tempted by Vikings and borderlands 2 DLC.

  7. Unfinished Swan and the new BreakQuest mini for me!

  8. Super Monkey Ball demo and maybe Unfinished Swan for me (not a question of whether I want the game, it’s a question of my bank account unfortunately).

    • Oh, and the PS All-Stars beta of course.

  9. £50 for Sleeping dogs? You can get 2 ‘f**k you’s and a must be joking’ for that round our way..

    (Or you could just get it from Sainsburys for £25. Y’know, either or)


    • About £15 on PC, £25 on console… £50 on the store :/

    • Yeh sometimes the store has some crazy pricing policies!

  10. Battle Royale…IS AMAZING. It’s a joy to play after all, I am literally the happiest gamer on the planet!

    Anyone who wants a match, add me on PSN. I’m gonna be playing this right up until the beta’s finished :D

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