New PlayStation Store Roll-Out “Temporarily Postponed”

Sony have issued a statement on the new PlayStation Store, which has seen a somewhat troubled launch over the last day or so, not least with payment issues and slow updates being reported by users who saw it before it was pulled.

“The phased launch of the new PlayStation Store has been temporarily postponed in some territories as teething issues related to the global roll-out of the Store are being addressed and resolved,” said the company on its official forum.


“It is really important to us that  the best possible Store experience is delivered and we appreciate your patience as we resolve these matters.”

The new Store is already live in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Kuwait , Qatar, India, Israel and South Africa.



  1. And why the … *sigh* don’t they update their post on the blog and answer some questions from people. It’s understandable if they need to tweak it after a launch, but keep communicating, god damn it SCEE when will you ever learn?

    • history has shown, never.
      they will never learn

    • They have… there’s a post on the forum.

      • Yeah no reason to update their blog, considering that’s where most people read.

  2. I need to get my internett fixed so I can try the new store out.

    • Don’t bother for the time being, it doesn’t work.

      • I live in Norway, where it works according to the text.

      • Just been on and its still the old store layout??
        Did I miss something?

  3. yep, went on it last night to my surprise was the old store. Total confusion and no update from SCEE, what a surprise.

    Keep it up Sony and for the next Gen you will lose customers.

    • ^ What he said.

    • like i said before, “head of communication for scee” easiest job in the world.

      • I agree with that, even if it was on twitter or in the forum.

      • Yes, 52 weeks holiday each year

  4. Same old store-y .. :/

  5. The new store became available for me last night at 8:30pm and i’m in the uk, weird that its not there for some of you peeps. Its a much nicer design, havent bought anything yet so cant comment on the transaction troubles that some have/are experiencing.

    • It was available in the morning and evening briefly but was reverted to the old store due to issues. Check again? I don’t have it as of 19:30 Thursday 18th.

  6. They should of just improved the old version i think. I was fine with it(the old version) It was a bit slow sometimes loading the pictures & that was it. It didn’t bother me + i KNEW :D it would go TiTs-UP!!! LoL:D

  7. Ahhhh Sony…. how I thought would have learnt your lessons by not

    BETA Test and Slow roll-outs often save a a lot of face

  8. Couldn’t care less about the store, it’s the Battle Royale betas that are missing from several stores that I care about. Don’t see how they being missing is tied in to this.

  9. “It is really important to us that the best possible Store experience is delivered and we appreciate your patience as we resolve these matters.”

    LMAO at that one.

  10. I hope it doesn’t take long to fix as it looked rather good.

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