Community Round-Up: 20/10/12

Hello again! It’s been yet another busy week here on TSA, so let’s get down to business and see exactly what’s been going on in this weeks’ Community Roundup!

Nothing new this week, as we wait for the first post in the F1 Championship to appear and the winner of the PS Vita competition to be announced.

There’s also something new to look for in the not so distant future.

For now, we wait.

Jumping straight in with the Meets, let’s see what’s coming up this week:

First up tonight, we’ve got Spooner hosting a Fifa 13 meet kicking off at 2pm, or there’s Bodachi who’s hosting an already over-stocked Borderlands meet at 7pm.

Tomorrow sees the usual DiRT Showdown meet starting at 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, while Monday sees Forrest hosting the Max Payne 3 meet at 9pm.

The second DiRT Showdown meet takes place on Tuesday at 8pm, also hosted by Forrest. Forrest is clearly going to be getting a lot of gaming in this week as on Thursday he’s also hosting a Ridge Racer Unbound meet at 9pm. An hour later, R1MJAW hosts a THPS HD meet at 10pm.

Lastly, Friday sees Youles host a Red Dead Redemption meet at 8pm, although it’s filled up quickly!

Keep checking back for any other Meets which appear such as the usual BF3 meet, or create your own gaming get-together provided you have at least 250 TSA Points.

Kicking things off with Alex’s awesome review of The Unfinished Swan, it’s definitely worth checking out just for the awesome layout! He’s also written an article on how he created it, if you’re interested.

Moving on, Jim got stuck in with War of the Roses, giving the Medieval FPS a solid 7/10. Continuing with the PC theme, Gamoc looked at Torchlight 2, the much anticipated sequel, giving it an impressive 9/10. Peter also took a quick look at Doom 3 BFG Edition, while Aran dribbles in with his 8/10 review of NBA 2K13, and Blair drools over Pokémon Black & White 2, with a 9/10.

The only new games Previews this week are Alex’s take on LittleBigPlanet Karting, and it’s definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re a fan of LBP or Karting games, and his interesting early glimpse of Forza Horizon, which is out next week so keep your eyes peeled for the full review. Teflon also has a gander at Meccano’s new lines of game based toys and models.

Moving on now to the Community articles, let’s begin with the Community Chronicle, which this week had Sitorimon showing off his massive collection in an 11 minute video! For WeView this week, catch the Verdict for Sound Shapes, or leave your views of Wipeout 2048.

Other articles on TSA this week include Aran looking at where the Resident Evil series has come from and where it’s headed, while Vaughn Highfield writes an open letter to Lionhead regarding the Fable: The Journey. Peter wrote about how Minecraft rode in to saved the day after a string of disappointments from LBP2 and a PS3, as Sunday Thoughts last week said Happy Birthday to Peter.

As always, Greg has What We Played #75, and there’s another edition of the TSA Podcast to enjoy.

Now let’s move onto the Forums and see what’s been happening:

Last week, Corvo from Dishonored battled against Connor from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3. It was a close fight, but Corvo narrowly gained victory 3 points to 2.

I’ve decided to give the Showdown a short break – we’ve been running it every week since almost the start of the year after it was requested by the you, the Community. It’ll probably only be a short hiatus, as once the Q4 releases have really got into full flow there’ll be plenty more competitors standing by. Remember, if there’s anyone you would like to see, just pop it in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do!

Anyway, that’s all for this week, I’ll see you next time, bye!

-This round-up was, as usual, written by gazzagb… Good news, though, Steven’s going to get to write another one some time soon… 



  1. Is the race 3 (Canada) tomorrow or next Sunday (28th) ?
    I’m not sure if it’s been announced and I’ve some how missed it.

    • I’m not sure either tbh, but the idea was that your group misses this week so that both groups are back on track and racing Canada next week.
      As far as I’m aware our group is racing this Monday at the first two events and then both groups race next week at Canada?

      • That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure.

      • That’s right, yes. You guys have a week off, so that we can all sync back up.

      • That’s cleared up then, so you have a week to practice, just don’t over perfect your Canada set up as I tend to do…..why fix it if it aint broke? will be my epitaph :P

  2. I wrote DiF and he confirmed that the Sunday group won’t have an official race tomorrow. I suggest we all join Roms Dirt Showdown meet.

    • Cheers Motalla, haven’t got D Showdown or would join.

  3. LET THE MINDFUCKING BEGIN! MWAHAHAHA! Wait, i’ve just been fired!? *explodes*

    I may just include Tetley Tea and PG tips in the showdown next week. What? There are no rules against it being.

    Anyway, i got into a fight with Tef as apparently, giving him away as a prize as well as his toeshoes is unacceptable. It’s in his fecking contract! :p

  4. “Good news, though, Steven’s going to get to write another one some time soon…”

    Finally! \o/

    • You’re banned from reading it! *gets Symp IP banned.* :p

  5. I’m wondering what this NEW in the distant future is? Any clues tef or are you just gonna sit there dangling that carrot? :)

    • That’s not a carrot that he is dangling in front of you. Adam, Tef is at it again! Why do i always get stabbed in the “carrot” when i dangle it in front of people and he doesn’t? :(

      • Preferential treatment again steven,that’s what it is.One day m8,one day.:)

  6. I’m hoping someone drops out of the rdr meet as it would be my first tsa meet.God I hate the subs bench.:(

    • Check the thread about the Meet in the forums – I think Youles is planning to have 8 and 8 in a posse as RDR allows 16 online, not 12 as it says in the Meet.

      • Nice one bud,that’ll do me.I’m looking forward to it now.

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