Resident Evil 6 To Get Free Content Update In December

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 6 will be receiving a free update in December, which will address concerns players have raised since the game’s release.

The updates are listed below and include:

  • Gamers will be able to adjust the camera to give a greater field of view as best suits their play style.
  • Subtitle options have been improved so that English language audio can be combined with subtitles in an alternative language.
  • Ada Wong’s campaign will be unlocked from the start and have an optional player-controlled co-op partner added.
  • ‘No Hope’ difficulty level will be added above the existing levels, for players who want an extreme challenge.

Screenshots showing the change in the camera and its range can be viewed below, which include shots of Ada’s partner.

It’s good to see Capcom are listening to fan feedback, and looking to improve a product as a result. It’s also good to see Ada’s campaign is available from the start instead of forcing players to play through Leon, Chris and Jake’s campaigns to unlock it.

Source: Press Release



  1. “Resident Evil 6 To Get Free Content Update In December”

    Resident Evil 7?

  2. Why the need to say its free??

    Any update to a game like that is going to be free!!

    Fingers crossed hopefully capcom can re-write and re-produce alot of the game and have that as an update, then I can download that and then they can entice me to pay for dlc until then it’s staying in its Steelbook.

    • Thinking about it.

      Capcom on disc dlc??


  3. Is this the content that’s already locked on the disc?

    And also the logo still looks like a giraffe coming out of a huge boot humping a seal.

    • Unless they predicted the future and patched things up and then went back and unpatched them and then…

      No. It’s not.

      But yes, it does.

  4. Haven’t played 6 (yet) but it looks like the title update was just to give a better view of Ada’s bum, am i wrong?

    • “Gamers will be able to adjust the camera to give a greater field of view as best suits their play style.”

      Yep – Sounds like it. :)

    • You say that as if it’s a bad thing!

    • Gratuitous arse shots FTW.

  5. Glad to hear the camera is being addressed. I got used to it after a while but it will be nice to have a wider field of vision (particularly when playing split screen)

    Still have no idea why they are making Ada’s campaign available from the get-go, as playing it first would completely ruin the overall storyline. Not a fan of giving her a co-op partner either but at least it means I can do a professional playthrough with the Mrs :)

  6. So we can view Ada’s arse from our preffered view instead of the one that Capcom forced on us? What? Also, when will they fix the logo so it won’t look like something that belongs in a porn film?

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