Molyneux’s Curiosity Project Launches Next Week

Peter Molyneux’s pet project Curiosity, in which players are tasked with tapping away at a gigantic cube to try to be the one that finally breaks into its centre, will be released next week.

We’ve already covered the game and the mechanics behind it in great depth – click here for our preview and interview – but it’s perhaps worth re-iterating that Curiosity is an experiment rather than a pure game – an exercise in psychology and figuring out just how curious we can be.


Whether it’s to your tastes or not.

And what is in the centre of the cube? It’s still a massive mystery, and being as how we were told only Molyneux himself knows, it’s unlikely to be something in the code itself, a fact that’ll bear fruits once the game is released and people start pulling it to bits, no doubt.

It seems Apple are somewhat behind the game, too, as it’s got a very specific release time: 22 minutes (to echo the 22 in 22cans, the studio that has crafted the project) past midnight, at least in Pacific time. For us here in the UK, it’ll be out around breakfast time.

Curiosity is out November 7th on iOS and Android.



  1. You must really be bored if you are going to play it on the way to work as having tapping as the only gameplay mechanic will result in it being repititive. Will laugh if it turns out that the mystery behind the cube is just a picture of Molyneux with a troll face grin.

    • It will be probably be like those drattaed Stephen King Dark Tower novels and inside the cube is.. another cube.

    • I have the feeling that inside the cube people will find the following text:

      “Thanks for your money!”

      Of course “Never gonna give you up…” will be playing in the background…

  2. “Hmm, what’s the quickest way to make money, with the least amount of work? People still buy Fable games, so I know they’re gullible… If I throw the word ‘Revolutionary’ around enough…” – {Peter Molyneux}

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