What We Played #77: Halo 4, Killzone HD

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If I told you that all I’d played this week was Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2, would you believe me.  Of course you would, as they’ve been the staple of my gaming recently and will continue to be so for a while yet.  I’m hoping to spend some time this coming weekend with the MechWarrior Online open beta but we’ll see if that plan is any more successful than my other recent ones.

Alex meanwhile has been “wading through the gloopy mud that is Medal Of Honor: Warfighter“.  While there are some promising but too short-lived “oh this is cool but now it’s over” moments there’s also a liberal sprinkling of “GOD WHEN WILL THIS BIT FUCKING END” ones.


He summaries by saying that “it’s about an average a game as I’ve played for years”.  For him Criterion’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted “hasn’t hit the spot” either.  And “it’s not a patch on Forza Horizon” he tells me.

Josh has been sampling many and varied gaming delights both old and new.  After returning briefly to Borderlands 2 after some time away he went on to play Tokyo Jungle, Killzone HD, The Unfinished Swan and Dead Island.

[drop2] He’s taking his time with The Unfinished Swan as he doesn’t want the experience to finish too soon as there’s the expectation that “these cool sorts of games tend not to last all that long”.  Enjoyment levels remain high even when pursuing “the endless search for balloons”.

“Dead Island is glitchy and hardly the most polished thing in the world”, he says before adding that it still represents good value as it was about £10 from the PSN Store so he “can’t really complain”.  He likes how the weapons suffer from wear and tear and while he’s been told the game’s not so much fun after the resort section he’s “having a good time with it so far”.

“Oh”, he says, suddenly remembering, “I started Heavy Rain again”.  On returning to the game he’s found it’s still as good as he remembers and it has spurred his enthusiasm for the forthcoming Beyond: Two Souls.

Joining Josh in playing the remastered Killzone HD is Aran, perhaps highlighting the question Alex raises in yesterday’s opinion piece on the PS4 that our keenness for remastered titles may well be killing backwards compatibility as a feature in consoles.

If you’ve read his review you’ll know that Aran considered Killzone HD to be “a fun game” though “a few technical glitches” did knock the score down.  He also questions its replayability as it lacks an online mode.  Makes you wonder how we coped for so many years without online multiplayer, I certainly used to replay a lot of games did you?

He’s still enjoying Max Payne 3, in particular the “challenging enemy AI”.  Planning attacks in Dishonored is also a source of much entertainment even when the German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke’s most famous quote comes to pass: “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy”.  In those instances he often decides in favour of the latter of fight or flee.

Kris has been back playing is what is probably his favourite gaming sci-fi universe even though it displays a woeful lack of Triceratops.  Having made the mistake of starting Halo 4 on Normal and being somewhat disappointed with aspects of the game, he found it improves immensely once the difficulty is stepped up to Heroic.

“On normal the AI is just so stupid” with supposedly powerful enemies blundering around the screen, “but playing it on Heroic makes the game make a lot more sense and is far better”.  Stepping away from the ground pounder action was also a refreshing change.  “The Rogue Squadron-like bit is properly awesome!”

So how about you lot?  Did you break out any particular games to get into the Halloween mood?



  1. I finished New Vegas so I bought the Oblivion 5th anniversary edition; ‘s alright but not anywhere near as fun or interesting as Fallout for me. Might get Skyrim soon when it goes down in price.
    Also been going through some old games I never finished; Bioshock, Bad company 1 and Uncharted 3.
    And as a side-note: I’ve played Heavy Rain about 5 or 6 times so far…

  2. Discovered RDR online. It’s pretty damn awesome although I’ve barely scratched the surface yet as far as I’m aware. Tips would be helpful :)

    Also playing Pro Evo, but getting sick of my legend being top goalscorer but stull not being played. Pretty annoying.

  3. I’m playing NFS Most Wanted on Vita! It arrived yesterday and I’ve already clocked up 6 hours, it’s brill!
    Btw if there are any fellow TSA-ers who have the Vita version, feel free to add me as a friend :)
    [PSN – SuperJag86]

    • Haven’t picked it up yet but i’ll keep your recommendation in mind, sounds and looks like a really decent racer for the Vita.

  4. Killzone HD, rayman vita, liberation & AC3 that’s me there

  5. Ac liberation (which is a big improvement on the psp ac game), ecolibrium, FIFA 13 on ps3, FIFA on vita, Sherlock Holmes and some doctor who on vita.not a bad week. Vita is seeing far more action than the PS3.

    • Is liberation worth it? I’m wanting a new game before I go on holiday for the flight. I’m torn between this or the new Need For Speed.

      • I’ve rented it from LOVEFiLM and it plays just like the PS3 games. I’ve not encountered anything outside of the animous yet but I’m only a few hours in

    • Is that the new Sherlock game? If so how is it? It looked pretty good from screenshots a while back.

      • It’s somewhere between a point and clock and the csi games. It’s not bad but don’t expect monkey island level of quality.

        It’s not always clear what you need to do with some of the puzzles but there is a decent amount of game

      • Ah right, might get it on the cheap later on. Cheers.

  6. Ac 3, that’s it.

  7. MoH:Warfighter, before I picked up a nasty cold (competative online MP is a definite no go when your head is all fuzzy, unless you like constantly dying!). Then some Lego Star Wars/Harry Potter co-op with my nephew as it’s his half term holiday over this side of the country. Was looking forward to us playing some Lego Lord of the Rings today but they’ve delayed it a couple of weeks :(

  8. I’ve not really been playing much on PS3 outside of my regular meets, other than a bit of F1 every now and again.
    On Vita I’ve mainly been playing Super Monkey Ball, which is awesome. Flew through the beginner and normal stages no problem, started the advanced levels and swiftly came to a halt … the difficulty spike is effin’ vertical. Well worth the 13 quid it cost me from amazon though.

  9. I’ve played loads,metal gear rising,ni no kuni,tomb raider and hitman absolution all at mcm expo, and I gotta say tomb raider is awesome!
    Also picked up AC3 and Liberations,enjoying both!

  10. Dishonored more or less took over my gaming time until i completed it weds, such absorbing and enjoyable gameplay – even when i kept forgetting to save and ended up playing the same ten minute section for an hour. At no point did it ever become a chore.
    Also taking my time with Unfinished Swan, it’s nice, relaxed gameplay but overall not as captivating or interesting as i had hoped for.

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