Molyneux’s Curiosity Launches, Images Of Male Anatomy Ensue

Peter Molyneux’s new project, 22cans, has launched its first experiment. Called, as I’m sure you’ll be aware, Curiosity, the aim is to tap away at a massive cube one block at a time, in order to be the ‘player’ that removes the final block.

The cube is multi-layered, and the idea is that people will co-operate and co-ordinate together in order to remove every last block of each layer systematically.


Of course, history has proven time and time again that our human nature isn’t that straightforward – already there are dozens of crude (and a few rather artistic) drawings of penises and various rude words, many of them aimed at Molyneux.

Interestingly, the huge in app purchases that were touted at the beginning of the project seem to have been quietly shelved, instead you ‘buy’ shovels and bombs (and so on) using in game currency, dramatically removing some of the more experimental aspects of the game.

I still think it’s a great project, and although once the initial rush wears off progress will be a lot slower (the stats screen currently says it’ll only take 3 days to ‘beat’) the thrill of finding out what’s in the centre will hopefully still hold some attention.

The in-game rules suggest it’s a video clip, though. Whether or not the winning player will share that clip is anyone’s guess, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Curiosity is free to play, and out now for iOS.



  1. Aww you beat me to it, I was writing this up on the bus. Well done Britain, huge crudely drawn cocks, swear words and boobies! He said it was an experiment and to be honest we really should have predicted this.

    I have contributed the phrase “What a load of prententious bollocks” to the side of the cube.

    Not sure how it will take 3 days do beat, it told me I was only the 3009th player.

    Off to the cube again to write “For a good time, call Alex” and then his phone number

  2. i was the 4,666th person to take part according to the app.

    • Did you draw a cock?

      • strangely enough, that never really occurred to me.

        i just started tapping at random when i saw how many coins i could get.
        got a couple of thousand, i though i was doing pretty well, then i looked at the shop, the diamond chisel is something like 2 billion coins. O_O

      • Yep it was about that time I started drawing rude things to amuse myself.

  3. More cocks is better

  4. When i read that the IAPs were removed i decided to give it a go. Spent ten minutes tapping all of my fingers all over the screen, racked up 45,000 in game currency and found the experience so boring that i deleted the app. There is no gameplay to be found here so i can see why people are resorting to drawing stuff.

  5. This game holds the record for “most quickly uninstalled” on my phone. This was one of the most boring games I haver played.

  6. I think it’s crashed, or it has on my phone anyway!

  7. I can’t even log on, it keeps bringing up a failure to connect message. Doesn’t seem like I’m missing much though.

  8. You could have at least mentioned that tbe game is also out on Android. I’ve read a few pieces about this game on TSA now and I always thought this was an iOS only thing because I can’t recall you ever mentioning other platforms…

    • Seconded, Android is the biggest mobile OS guys, could probably do with remembering that in the future :D

  9. Downloading it right now. Can’t wait to draw a nob!

  10. I wonder if the suggested video in the centre is a ten min porn clip of Molyneux! Euugh!

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