Retro City Rampage The US PSN’s Top Selling Vita Game, So Why’s It Not Out In Europe?

Retro City Rampage is the top selling PSN game on the PlayStation Vita in the United States (at least in terms of downloads from the Store) but it’s still nowhere to be seen in Europe, the silence somewhat deafening on that one.

The news comes via a duo of sales charts, the first one from SCEA, and the second from SCEE.

Over the pond, the Vita chart might be topped by that glorious slice of 8-bit nostalgia, but otherwise it’s pretty much business as usual, with Assassin’s Creed Liberation in second place, followed by LittleBigPlanet PS Vita in third. Ragnarok Odyssey and New Little King’s Story make up the next couple, with Plants vs. Zombies in fifth.

Here, it’s similar, apart from the game at the top, of course. Liberation is in first place, LBP second, MotorStorm is in third place with Doctor Who and NFS Most Wanted making up the rest.

Quite why Retro City Rampage still isn’t out here is anyone’s guess. “Once we have word from the devs that we can share we’ll be sure to let you know,” said SCEE’s Jawad Ashraf yesterday. “I’m not able to provide details,” he added.


  1. It’s not out because Sony have told the devs something needs tweaking and they havent done it yet.

    • Again though, baffling why it flies straight onto the store in the US, yet here its delayed for months (for no reason we’ll ever hear about!).

    • The devs must be allergic to money. I have no other explanation for them not making the tweaks that were demanded from them. :P

    • what evidence is there for that TC?

      how often is content only delayed when scee are involved?
      when it’s out in other regions, other formats on time.

      far too often.
      given just how often the pattern is undeniable.

      are all those different devs from all those different publishers only ever having problems with ps3 games in europe on the store?

      or is it the more likely explanation that scee are just bloody useless?

      can you remember the last store update that didn’t have a screw up?
      and i don’t mean minor things like a typo, i mean screw ups that stop people getting content.

      • “Once we have word from the devs that we can share we’ll be sure to let you know,” said SCEE’s Jawad Ashraf yesterday. “I’m not able to provide details,” he added.

      • i guess we have a different idea of what constitutes evidence.

        you’re making a lot of assumptions there from practically no information.

        sounds to me like the usual passing the buck to the devs without actually blaming them.

        they said stuff like this before then it’s turned out the game was just stuck in their qa dungeon and the devs had no idea what was going on.

        but hey, maybe this is that one time out of the hundred where it’s genuinely not scee’s fault.

        but that means the other 99 times are still their fault.

  2. Is it really the developers fault with this or is it SCEE covering something else up? And I’ve forgotten but is it the devs fault Counter Strike isn’t out as well?

    • Regardless of who is waiting for who, it’s SCEE’s processes, procedures or hurdles that cause this to happen.

      Given that it’s different developers/publishers and given that Sony themselves in the US along with Microsoft & Valve (Steam) worldwide don’t have hiccups like this, the fact SCEE say they are waiting for this or that wears thin after years.

      • As does me thinking about it every update day for about 5 years.

      • Yeah, SCEE does this time & time again while others don’t.

        It’s getting very tiresome.

      • If only you guys knew! :P

      • So much for a ‘One Sony’ strategy with these regional differences!

  3. From the EU BLOG:

    Where is Retro City Rampage?!

    Posted on 31 October, 2012 at 3:28 pm by Jawad Ashraf
    It’s coming very soon. The developer will hopefully be appearing on the Blog in the next week or so to provide an update and answer any questions on the game, so please stay tuned.

    • that’s an example of one of the, only, things scee can do well.
      passing the buck.

  4. Now this is the reason I’m worried about the PS4, unless the SCEE guys sort it out, they could lose a lot of customers over this sort of thing.

    • PS4 wil be exactly the same.

      Its not changing. Its been like this from the start, its like it now, it will be like it tomorrow. It *has* to be like this because of all the European countries are lumped together.

      The only possible change would be to give each country its own certification system, good news for the UK as ‘porting’ the US release to us would be easy.

      But then the Germans would get games late and would complain. Or the French. Or The Swiss.

      It’s shit. its staying shit, it wil not change. People complaining about it are as tiresome as the delays.

      • well, keeping quiet and ignoring the problems certainly won’t make them go away.

        so long as there are delays, there will be complaints, so i guess we’re both stuck with the things that annoy us for the time being.

        funny how ms never seem to suffer the same delays anywhere near as often as scee do.
        so i guess these delays aren’t as inevitable as you claim.

        if a company as america centric as ms can do it, there is no good reason sony couldn’t.

  5. The more things change.

  6. Has anyone actually gone straight to the developer for comment on the delay…?

  7. “Once we have word from the devs that we can share we’ll be sure to let you know,”
    – Jawad

    Yeah so that means were going to have to wait for 3-6 months for RCR to come out. Complete bull SCEE!!

  8. It’s always and will be about Localisation! :)

    • yeah, i can see that holding up something like Auditorium for two years, and counting. ^_^

      • Five years or so for Castlevania SotN, which actually is coming now – at some stupid price. Cheers Konami

  9. Whether we like it or not, there clearly *is* some aspect of SCEE’s procedures which causes this. I’d still say the blame is 50/50; okay, SCEE’s setup may be a cause – but equally, the devs by now should know this well enough to make sure their game is properly ready before submission.

    Nevertheless, as I’ve said many times before, I really don’t understand why they can’t just release the US version onto the EU store. Localisation can wait. I mean, you look at the forums here or on numerous other gaming sites, and *most* gamers across Europe are perfectly capable of reading and understanding English.

    I don’t see why they can’t release the US versions globally in the same week, then add localised versions as and when the dev has them ready. It seems fairly obvious from the constant complaints (in English, from people across Europe) that most EU gamers would rather have the game sooner, in English, than wait weeks or months for localised versions.

  10. I’d love to see TSA reach out to one of the many devs that have problems releasing content on the EU PSN to find out what is really holding the content back. Maybe in the form of an exclusive interview.

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