Friday Fun – Missing Letters Quiz #1

In the past, here on TSA, we’ve always tried to do something a little more lighthearted on a Friday. Traditionally, the last day of the week is slow for videogames news and it’s difficult to get excited about writing lengthy editorials or reviews when the weekend is looming. So we like to try to find something a bit more fun to do.

So, I turned to our favourite quiz-master, Lewis Gaston, and asked if he’d mind providing something similar to the podcast quizzes he compiles every week. He has duly delivered and the snippet of pre-weekend procrastination awaits you below.

There’s no prize up for grabs, aside from bragging rights, but please don’t spoil the answers in the comments. We’ll stop taking entries at around 4PM GMT and I’ll be back to post the answers at around 5PM GMT. I’ll also let you know who got the highest score.

Update: We only got two people with a full range of perfect answers. Actually, there were four but I think it’s probably fair to disqualify my entry and Lewis’…

It seems that most people only submitted their answers if they thought they were getting a high score but the exact spelling of one character’s name and the lack of a space in a certain character’s name seems to have tripped a few of you up!

Those two who got everything right were, in order of how quickly they submitted their answers:

  1. Moshbag
  2. Brendancalls
Congratulations to them both.
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  1. Found a couple of them quite tough, but I’m confident I got most of them
    Great stuff Lewis, :-)

  2. “What’s your TSA ID?”

    That one’s too easy.

  3. Pretty sure I managed to get them all, found one in particular very difficult!

  4. Think i got them all, but again it took some brain usage!

  5. I’m not putting my PSN name, too embarassing ha.

  6. For what it’s worth, and bearing in mind I only gave myself a couple of minutes, I only scored 5/10 in this before Lewis sent me the answers. It was a bit trickier than I expected it to be!

  7. This is a mobile device formatted version of this story and some elements may be missing or changed.

    The whole quiz?!!?

    • aw, does the mobile site strip out the form code? It should work from mobile via the main site, I think.

    • You have to guess the quiz, not just the answers.

  8. Aye, it will :-)

  9. Someone has to come last…

    • you weren’t last mate… Not far off though ;)

  10. Figured out a couple more just before the deadline :D

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