What We Played #78: Asura’s Wrath, Warhawk

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Currently murdering his way through the environs of New Orleans is Peter. Assassin’s Creed Liberation is “taking a while to get through” but you should expect a review before too long. “So far, it’s quite impressive”, says the boss, “certainly not up to the standards of its home console counterparts but definitely an enjoyable take on the series for a portable console”.

He’s also managed to find a bit of time for Forza Horizon, which he’s had since release but not had time to play before. “It’s really, really good. The soundtrack is fantastic and the driving in Forza is always absolutely top-notch.”


Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity has been the subject of some dabbling too.  Our own Peter finds the concept “really interesting” but at the same time “incredibly difficult” to get excited about. “I think the fact that there’s only one ‘winner’ and there are hundreds of thousands of people playing means that my odds are way too narrow to dedicate much of my time to what is, essentially, a huge collaborative stress toy.” I’m going to guess he doesn’t play the lottery either then.

Alex has played through F1 Race Stars for review and can’t get past the fact that “the steering lock seems to be about a third of what it should be”.  One of the inevitable consequences of that is that “slamming into walls unless you stop like you’re taking a hairpin” becomes all too common an occurrence. “That isn’t my idea of fun”, says Alex, “if that was fixed, the game would be great”.

In what is something of a theme he’s also “chipped a few blocks away at Curiosity” in addition to digging out his PSP for a bit and having “a few goes” on iOS word game du jour, Letterpress.

[drop]While he’s not had a lot of time for gaming this week Blair has found the time to play through The Walking Dead game.

“It just keeps getting better and better”, he tells me, making me feel even worse that I’ve only played the first episode so far.  “It’s got a chance at my personal GOTY if episode 5 delivers as much as the previous episodes have.”

He’s also been tapping away at the Curiosity cube. There was momentary excitement as the second layer unlocked at the same time as he hit the last block on his screen.

“I’m not sure if that’s coincidence or if I actually did hit the final block.” I’d bet on the former. Even if it was the latter there’s no prize for helping someone else on their journey towards the centre.

FIFA13‘s career mode has been taken up the bulk of Chris’ gaming time. Old favourite Warhawk returned to sink its talons back into his gaming nervous system once more. “Having been absent for a while it was a bit of a struggle to stay alive for more than half a minute, but it wasn’t long before I was back in the swing and rising up the rankings back to my usual somewhere in the top 3.”

Aran finished the “brilliant” Max Payne 3 despite the “stupidly hard” final mission. “Took me at least 20 retries before I got down what I dubbed Death Terminal. Also it didn’t help that there’s a glitch where Max gets stuck in cover so you have to restart the checkpoint you’re on.”

He’s also still working on reducing his per-level kill count in Dishonored. It’s down from about 15 to 2 or 3 now and he senses that there are only a few more levels to go and is “looking forward to how it concludes”.

It’s not been in good week for glitch-free gaming in Aran’s house this week as FIFA 13‘s been causing him some trouble too, though he doesn’t say whether he’s written to Watchdog on the subject.  Ultimate Team mode has been keeping him entertained though he’s “struggling a bit in Division 4”.  He partly blames that on “the servers glitching after I had won a match 7-2. The servers decided I had actually left the match early and my opponent got a 3-0 victory. Stupid glitches.”

Confusion reigns on Tuffcub’s gaming couch as he tries to pin down exactly what Asura’s Wrath is. “I am about four hours in and I am still unsure if it’s a game or not. It is structured very oddly, each ‘level’ goes like this:

  1. Preview of the coming level, complete with sexy lady telling you what happens.
  2. About 5 minutes of cut scenes.
  3. A bit of actual gaming, lasts about 5 minutes.
  4. Two static images of what has happened so far.
  5. An extended cut scene/quick time event.
  6. More cut scenes.
  7. Four pages of artwork with voice overs to continue the plot.

“It is very weird, it seems to have been structured like a cartoon, complete with a place where an ad break would go. I am enjoying it, I’m just not sure what I am enjoying. The story is fantastic (if rather bewildering at some points) and I could almost do without the gaming bits and watch the whole thing as a movie.”

You may have read that he’s been playing WRC 3 and MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship on his PS Vita, while 007 Legends and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations have also enjoyed some screen time. “I also spent five minutes tapping that stupid Curiosity cube before getting bored and drawing huge cocks on the side.” Quite.

Has your Curiosity got he better of you or have you been avoiding Molyneux’s self-indulgent social experiment?



  1. In addition to what I’ve played I downloaded Curiosity too.
    I like the idea of the experiment, but people do need to realise it isn’t a game, it’s not in the gaming section on the appstore for a reason. However, took me two days to connect & when I did I’d deleted 30secs later – I’m just not curious about what’s under each layer or in the centre and I haven’t got the inclination to tap rude phrases or cock drawings in to it.

  2. Been playing AC3 on ps3 this game dialogue is very slow & occassoonally the game freezes & restarts my ps3 just awful & I’m beginning to hate the game, should have bought it when it was cheaper & it’s slow to get to the point. I look forward to the AC meet tonight :)

    Also AC vita love this game it’s good to play on the move.

    • Looking forward to the meet myself :)

  3. Been playing both AC3 and Liberation and completed the stories on both.Throughly enjoyed AC3 though so slow to start,and i found the naval missions tricky! I finished pirates booty dlc on borderlands 2,which was awesome though the bosses are ridiculously hard!
    I want to go back to sleeping dogs but tempted to start crysis 2! Choices,choices lol
    Also AC3 meet tonight theres still some space left if anyone wants to join!

  4. a little Curiosity, some quests and more Reckoning. ^_^

    to clarify, a little bit of Molyneux’s Curiosity, as a game it’s pretty dull to be honest, it’s that desire to see what’s under the current layer that brings me back to it every so often.

    Quests is a neat little rpg thing for the iOs platform, it’s fun, it has the usual timers to limit how many actions you can take in a time period, with the option to wait or buy re-energising potions.

    there’s a map you uncover by tapping covered up squares, sometimes you uncover a monster or a new quest.

    the combat is fun, turn based with a skill based system where you get this bar at the top of the screen and a pointer that travels across it when you hit attack, there’s the transparent area that signifies a miss if you stop the pointer over it and there are green and red areas, the green areas mean a standard hit and the red areas meana critical.

    different weapons have different ratios of red and green, stronger weapons having smaller red areas in riskier places, i low level weapon might have thered area surrounded by green so even if you miss you will still probably get a normal hit.
    but some have the red areas all on their own so it makes it riskier, but then with the weapon being more powerful the damage can be that much higher.

    the only problem i do have is it has a tendency to crash.
    when it’s working it’s fun though.

    and lastly, still playing Kingdoms of Amalur, i’m 30 hours in and it still seems like there’s a hell of a lot left, there’s a huge section of the map to the east i haven’t even been to yet.
    i am doing all the sidequests though so that’s extending the game quite a bit.
    fortunately the combat is fun, the weapons have real impact and for the most part it is one of the most responsive combat systems of any of that kind of rpg i’ve played.

    i did experience a weird bug earlier today, some of the enemies were frozen, like they had no AI, they’d just stand there with their arms out like the vitruvian man. ^_^
    made them really easy to kill though, so it wasn’t the worst bug i’ve ever experienced.
    it was handy for those bloody trolls and ettins.

    i swear i’ve had to face five or six of those at once on occasion.

  5. This week i’ve still been playing ac3, reached sequence 10 in sp. As much as i enjoy the sp, it’s the mp where this game truly shines for me (i now alot will probably disagree) but it’s just truly awesome. There’s nothing better then blending into a crowd then striking an unexpected target and then casually walking away like a badass.

    • I agree the MP is more appealing for the first time ever on the AC series I have actually got into its MP. The story for me is taking forever I mean for crying out loud when do I get to use Connor & who is that dude am controlling at the beginning of the game, I wasn’t listening lol

      • Yeah i agree the game is alot slower paced then previous entries but they have introducing a new protagonist, so the first 3 hours is just alot of backstory to haytham and connor. Personally it’s understandable why it’s like that.

        Brotherhood and revelations started straight away because we already new ezio’s backstory from ac2.

  6. Couldn’t think of anything worthwhile to add about ME3 and BL2 this week so left myself out of the post but I have played them. Oh, and a little bit of Fuel Tiracas while out and about waiting for friends.

  7. Escape Plan DLC, which is super hard – just makes it unenjoyable sadly.
    Aced the first 3 worlds on LBPV.
    Helped cam_manutd with some MW2 Spec Ops missions on Veteran.
    Played lots of Rage, and am very close to finishing it now, and getting the Platinum.
    Lots of FIFA13, been building up my Club Value; won an online Cup and Division; and won a few FUT Trophies to earn some coins.
    Looking forward to the AC3 meet this evening, and playing my FUT League game with blackredyellow!

  8. Actually managed to get some gaming in this week, albeit not a huge amount.

    Played through WWE13’s Attitude Era and loved every second of it. Sure the game has a few bugs but it’s still a very feature-rich package overall and the attention to detail when it comes to some of the matches is mighty impressive.

    Probably won’t hold onto it though as BLOPS2 and an XboxLive renewal will set me back about £70 next week.

  9. Not a lot of variety this week, except for the usual meets it’s either been Need for Speed Most Wanted or Sports Champions 2. I started to play pid and as of midnight last night LBP Karting.

  10. I’ve been playing AC3. So far, the combat is a bit stiff and there are some minor bugs. I am hoping the combat will become more fluid after what i suspect is a long tutorial. On sequence 2/3 not sure as the mandatory autosave played up and i suspect i’m back on the last bit of sequence 2. :-/ The bugs i’ve encountered are: Voices outside of the Animus sound like the person is talking from the other side of the room or even further, floating weapons(Just the odd one) and that’s about it. Am hoping it will get fixed in the next patch. Oh and can you read emails in AC3 as the animus notified me of emails or have i encountered a glitch that won’t allow me to read Desmond’s emails? As i want to see how the team acts.

    So far AC3 is good.

    • Be prepared for a lot of bugs. Once you get into the open world section expect to see roughly one bug/glitch per minute. Fun game but in dire need of a patch.

      • If i can put up with Bugout3:DAMN THIS £!%!& GAME CRASHED AND CORRUPTED MY SAVE, i’m sure i can put up with AC3’s bugs. Unless it crashes every 3 minutes or makes it unplayable.

        Actually that did happen to me yesterday, i couldn’t attack someone who was beating me up! :O

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