Mirror’s Edge 2 In Production, DICE At The Helm Claims Former EA Manager

Mirror’s Edge, the late 2008 PS3 and Xbox 360 title that saw protagonist Faith leaping from building to building dodging bullet fire, is to get a sequel.

The rumours have been surfacing for some time, but today ngmoco’s Benjamin Cousins has all but confirmed that DICE are well into developing the second game, with EA to publish.



“It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene,” he said on Twitter this morning, “that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE.”

Cousins was, last year, the recipient of an angry letter from EA reminding him about the disclosure of EA’s secrets. Presumably he’s right in that it’s generally known in Stockholm…

Whether or not the game will be targeted at next-gen, we’ll just have to see.



  1. Yay!

  2. Best news to ever come out of EA’s mouth so DLC is how much

  3. I really, really hated that game. The only thing that warms me somewhat is that it will now have proper multiplayer in order to get greenlit by EA which means it is likely to be even worse.

    • I could easily see some good MP action going into a new Mirror’s Edge game, it just wouldn’t be the traditional deathmatches that any other FPS has. Other than leaderboards, you could implement races and other face offs quite easily. Let’s be honest it’s not a game about shooting is it.

  4. Very over-rated game.

    The fact it tried to do something different with the first-person viewpoint seemed to generate a disproportionate amount of goodwill for how good the title actually was.

    Still, new things should be applauded – So I’ll contradict myself by saying yaay

    • Lol. I enjoyed it a lot, the art design, the dynamic running and jumping, even the story wasn’t half bad.

      Could have been a disaster but they did good in my opinion.

      Looking forward to….damn can’t remember the name now, TSA showed it last week, it was said to be a cross between 28 days later and mirror’s edge (with a bit of Descent for good measure IMO). Anyhow it looked good.

      • That was Outcast or Outlast if i remember, looked amazing and downright pant soiling scary!

    • I don’t think it was/is overrated. I think you just didn’t like it.
      Then again, I think COD is overrated but it could also just be the fact that I hate the scripted nature of the franchise.

    • To its credit Mirrors Edge was unique in more than just its first person perspective. The art style use of colour is very distinct and striking especially when compared against the many shades of brown shooters. The lead character is neither male nor Caucasian. Additionally, in spite of being a female videogame character Faith has a realistic body shape.

  5. EA & DICE? No thanks.

    • DICE made the first game & EA Published it, so this is good news that both are back on board for the sequel isn’t it?

      • Apparently not.

      • its difficult for dice or ea to fix a problem with your hardware
        though surely?

    • My thoughts too. Roll on the monthly 1Gb patches.

      • It shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as that, as you won’t have people whining that ‘this gun is OP’ or ‘I keep getting bombed by mortars, please nerf’. :D

        Does of course depend on what they decide to do about the (now seemingly mandatory) DLC though.

    • I gave up with EA and Dice after playing BF3, very frustrating getting any sense from either company.

      Good news for those who liked the original game I guess, but DICE and EA lost my respect and wont get it back.

      • Yeah, i get the feeling that you fell into a minority with BF3, as you were in a tiny percentage that was getting the problems i remember you describing.

        Unfortunately, they are more likely to listen to the masses – Which in the end resulted to them ‘fixing’ stuff that didn’t need fixing & nerfing stuff that also didn’t need it all the time! :/

        But you should be ok with this one – If the first one is anything to go by, you shouldn’t have to shoot any guns, so input lag & hit detection shouldn’t matter! :P

      • its difficult for a company to fix a problem with your hardware through patch’s though?

  6. Good news :D Big fan of Mirror’s Edge

  7. Best news of the week for me.

  8. Very good, let’s hope it’s more open than the original.

    • How would that improve the game?

      • The cramped indoor parts of the first game were bringing it down, crawling through ventilation shafts weren’t half as fun as running on the rooftops.

  9. Good to hear, I just hope EA don’t ruin it.

  10. Good news, just hope they keep the core of the original and don’t turn it into another shooter.

    We need some variety in games.

    • I don’t mind there being guns – As long as it remains your choice as to whether you use them or not.

      If there are points of the game that you cannot get out of without picking up a gun & laying waste to some baddies, then they will have ruined it.

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