PSN Store Update: 21/11/12 – PS Vita Plus Games Now Available

playstation plus on ps vita - photo of the chronovolt page

Just a quick note to let you know that the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection has already sprung into life on the PlayStation Vita here in Europe.

[drop2]We’ll be back with the main Store Update post as soon as we’re able, but in the meantime if you’ve got a PlayStation Vita and are a Plus subscriber, you can now log onto the Store and grab Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Chronovolt and Mutant Blobs for nothing.

You’ll need to search for them, but they’re there. We’re assuming a Plus section will appear on the Store once the games are officially mentioned by PlayStation.

For more details on what Plus brings to the PlayStation Vita, check our reveal post from last week. For reference, those without Plus will find that Chronovolt is a fiver, and is presumably OK to download if you’re not a subscriber right now.

The rest of the Store Update will filter through over the afternoon, and we’ll do our usual round-up post later once everything’s organised.



  1. I cant believe they’ve put Uncharted up as a freebie. I’d have thought it was one of their top sellers on Vita.
    Personally I was expecting it to be Ridge Racer for free with a 20% discount on the DLC.
    Not complaining tho… :)

    • Well just think of how much a incentive it is to people thinking of buying a Vita – 2 of the must have games are now essentially free, no reason not to subscribe to Plus.

      • Mutant Blobs is actually pretty damned good too. It’s a really solid platformer and looks great.

      • Yeah. Massive incentive for Vita and Plus purchases, fair play to them.
        Just surprised they went for UC. I’m gonna keep it on cartridge (?) though as I can’t spare the space on my 8gb memory card. Did I read UC was about 4gb?
        But if this Plus goodness carries on no doubt I’ll end up having to buy a 16 or 32gb card early part of next year.

      • Agree, Mutant Blob is great fun.

      • UC is 3.3gb

  2. Not a criticism, but just wanted to say that the title of this article is very misleading – I popped in here as i thought that they had actualy released some info on the update in a timely fashion for once… & then i got to the bottom bit of the article.

    Hmph. I wanted to complain about the lack of content that i personally deem unacceptable! ;P

    • Really? The headline tells you that the PS Vita stuff is out now as part of today’s Store Update, no?

      Er, OK. How about Episode 5 of The Walking Dead? That’s out for PS3 today. That do?


      • I can’t wait for that damn Episode 5 today… have enjoyed Walking Dead greatly…. if that get delayed in any way and I find out what happens Im gonna flip a table.

      • @Al – It does i suppose, but i only understood what it was referring to once i had gotten to the bottom of the article.

        What i was referring to was simly the title of “PSN Store Update: 21/11/12 – PS Vita Plus Games Now Available”, which actually makes it seem like it is the store update article that usually appears in the afternoon, which now includes Vita Plus stuff.

        Like i said, not a criticism, just also not as clear as it could be. :)

        … & i am waiting for the disc based bundle of the Walking Dead, so i can’t really complain about that yet! ;)

      • Alright, cool, point taken. =)

      • Don’t worry Forrest, you’re not alone, I also thought it was the usual update list. :0)

      • I thought the same too, it does look like it contains the update as normal, with a additional tag line about the Vita. Could do without the store update mention at the beginning that appears every week with the same wording.

    • I was the same forrest. :)

  3. Need a bigger memory card now!

  4. Is the PS plus for both systems, or just one? Or is it tied to a PSN ID?

    • Ps plus is already on ps3 & yes it’s tied down to one account only since you only make payment for one account (including vita)

      • Thanks, so I take it if I already have it for the PS3, I automatically have it for the Vita? If so thats a bloody bargain and a soon as Im back online at home Im signing up!

      • Yep exactly that if you have it on ps3 you have it on vita no extra charge sweet deal that is

      • Yep, that’s correct.

      • WOW! That is an amazing bargain. Ive got my step son a Vita for his birthday in March, but I will start downloading the games ready to be added to his Vita for then. Thanks all for the replies.

  5. I think I want a Vita. I think I want one NOW!!

  6. There is also a deal for years subscription to music unlimite for 12.99 found under the apps section on vita store. Ps plus exclusive

  7. My 16gb has officially become irrelevant & useless good thing I also have a 8gb so all together that’s a lot of memory lol

  8. A fantastic opening for vita plus. I would of been happy with one of those games definitely two but to get all 4 (2 of which I own) I’m very impressed. Thanks for the heads up guys, downloading gravity rush now.

  9. Sweet deal. Already have Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush though hopefully Sony will roll out more titles next month.

    • It was made to sound like those might be around a while longer and the cheaper games will be refreshed quicker.

      • Makes sense, they can’t roll the AAA titles too quickly or they’ll be repeating games very quickly.

      • Resistance anyone lol

      • They can’t roll out full price games never mind AAA haha. They’d be out fast! Read a couple of reviews for Persona 4 today, that will be my next via purchase, sounds amazing.

  10. They hope they get PSP and PSOne classics for free like what America is getting unlike Europe for some reason……

    Final Fantasy Tactics omfg!!!!

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