Rating Suggests Resident Evil Revelations Is Heading To PS3

Resident Evil: Revelations is a decent enough 3DS game, but everyone assumed it would remain exclusive to Nintendo’s handheld.

Well, according to a rating found on a Korean site, that might not be the case.


It’s called Biohazard Reveleations (with no sense of irony for that spelling) and looks like it’ll be on both PS3 and Xbox 360, presumably as a downloadable title.

It could also be a mistake, but the fact that both consoles have dual analog sticks should mean it’ll control a little better, at the very least.

We’ll try and wake Capcom for a comment.



  1. RE revelations looked great on the 3ds screen, i don’t think it will look so great upscaled.

  2. Or maybe Vita?

  3. To port from 3DS to PS3 is surely more work than 3DS to Vita?

    I suppose it’s worth it to hit not only the larger PS3 install base but also the 360 audience. Would like it on the Vita too though.

  4. *fingers crossed* loved Revelations and I’ll definitely pick it up if its a downloadable game with achievements.

  5. This game would be great on Vita but why on PS3? Dosen’t Sony not care about the Vita anymore? =(

  6. Surely releasing this on vita shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s much rather pay this on my vita than my PS3

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