Futurlab Show Off “Surge”, Their New Vita Game

Futurlab, the indie devs behind Velocity and two of PlayStation Mobile’s launch titles, have shown off their next game – Surge – for the first time.


It’s described as an “electrifying match 3” game and a recent playtest – once we got the hang of it – pointed to it being their best game in the trio so far.

You have to drag lines between blocks of the same colour, opening the vents at either side of the screen to increase your score multipliers.

It’s out worldwide in two weeks.



  1. As simple as it appears it will no doubt be brilliantly addictive. I’m basing it totally on my experience of Velocity which although mechanically simple compared to modern games just had an addictiveness and fun that lots of games lack
    Look forward to playing Surge

  2. Match 3 at Mach 3.

  3. Have they actualy just invented something new in the puzzle genre? Not seen anything like that before.

    • Me neither, but it does look addictive, simple to play but (probably) hard to master.

    • We’ve not seen anything like it either, so we *think* it’s new, but who knows :)

  4. I want this a lot, but PS Mobile isn’t out in the third world country known as Ireland. :(

    • Lol didn’t know the coverage was that bad, jeez Sony need to get off that fat asses and get something done. I’m still waiting for a litter of bugs to be removed from FW2.00.

  5. And it seems FuturLab can be relied upon to bring another awesome PSM game :)

    Can’t believe some of the times on Fuel Tiracas, i’m just like wtf.

  6. ‘Worldwide’ … in 10% of the world.. :/

  7. *Shakes head in amazement*

  8. I will buy and enjoy this on my shiny new Xperia T

  9. kool love this studio.

  10. Aarrgh SCEE now I really want PSM to Denmark … and trophy support in PSM games :>

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