GTA Goes Cheap On The PSN Store

PlayStation’s Chris Howe has posted a deal between the platform holder and Rockstar to offer Grand Theft Auto IV content at a reduced price on the PSN.

You can now get the main GTA IV game for just a tenner, the Episodes from Liberty City DLC for another tenner or just £14 for both. That’s pretty good value.


There’s an additional 10% discount for Plus subscribers too.

The Blog post is confusing though, in that it doesn’t differentiate between the games and the DLC if you have the game. Basically if you already own GTA IV you can get the Episodes for £7.99, or just the first Episodes DLC (The Lost And The Damned) for £3.99, or, as far as we can tell, the second (The Ballad Of Gay Tony) for £7.29.

We think.

The deals run until the 5th of December.



  1. Hmm. £12.60 with plus…. tempting.

  2. Great deal for anyone who haven’t had the game but I think most of GTA fans would have completed the game already. Then again there’s probably quite a few folk, like me, who completed it before trophies were added.
    I would like to complete it with trophies but it’s finding the time, but at that price it’s tempting.

    • Same here, completed the game pre-trophies and have no desire to return even with trophies or low price tag. It’s certainly no Vice City!

  3. That is pretty good value. I’ve never played the episodes so for £7.99 it’d be silly not to, wouldn’t it?

    • Yup – the biker missions are pretty fun!

    • Yeah they’re good DLC :) Gay Tony has just a bit of Vice City about it.

  4. Why is there a big difference price between the ballad & the damned DLC. When are they going release SA on psn that’s the only GTA I love & ever played

    • You should play Vice City as well, that game was stunning.

      • Not really a fan of GTA think it’s overrated, I only liked SA cause they paid homage to Eazy E, they had Samuel L Jackson as the baddy & everything was west coast rap like.

      • GTA is kinda overrated – Unless you are talking about Vice City, which deserves every bit of praise it ever gets!

  5. I swore I wouldn’t buy anymore games off the store especially with plus offering so many now. Hmmm very tempted. Played every other gta before this one and had completed them all. Borrowed this and found it too serious. Maybe time to give it a second chance?!

  6. I never got past the ‘Four Leaf Clover’ mission, I don’t know if it’s worth me paying out for it again, even though that’s a great deal.

  7. Quite good value, although not as good as when you can get *every* game and DLC for a fiver on Steam.
    I’d like to see more sales like this on PSN though, it’s the best way to expand the service.

  8. Sorry to ask a stupid question (again).

    I know this is DLC so in a sense the answer is obvious, but can I get the DLC and play it without the game, I am sure it was released that way at somepoint. I would like to play them as I got bored of waiting for them and traded the game in once completed.

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