PSN Store Update: 28/11/12 – LEGO Rings And Ratchet

Today is PlayStation Store Update day. Again.

PlayStation 3 owners can dive right in and grab the new Ratchet and Clank – there’s a demo available and we’ve written about how it’s vastly different from other Ratchet games here, if you’re curious.


It’s at a reasonably bargain price of £12, and that includes the Vita version next year.

There’s also a demo for the new LEGO Lord of the Rings. We thought that the game was great for fans of the films (and, in some respects, the books) but it’s still got the same niggles that past LEGO games had. Regardless, now you can try it for yourself.

Also out today is Travel Bug, a cute little Vita app that falls into SCE’s ‘Discovery’ range – it’s free and looks quite kooky, so try it out and let us know what you think.

Other stuff released today include Ace Combat Assault Horizon on the PS3 (£15.99), Dead Or Alive 5 for £48, and FIFA 13 for £50. The Aftermath update for Battlefield 3 is also out – but that’s apparently huge (2GB or so) and also needs a 1.5GB patch, and the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 – that’s £11.99.

Oh, and Counter Strike is out. Just kidding.



  1. Ooh, Motalla will be pleased that there is another version of DOA5 for him to buy! :)

  2. No list again?

    • I think it is Peter that is good enough to grab the info from the blog post & repost, but this article was not written by Peter, it was written by ts eliott. Sorry, tsastaff. ;)

      I’d settle for a link to the blog! :D

      • I wasn’t having a pop, i jst was displaying my laziness as I did a few weeks ago. And unfortunately the PS site is blocked at my work. Sad times :(

  3. Motion, baby, motion. Can’t a man have its secrets? Old news by the way, I knew what was coming.

  4. Yay… £48 for Dead or Alive 5. bargain.

  5. Maybe it’s DLC for Counterstrike that’s out……inkeeping with standard release schedule :P
    Think I’ll bag that R&C for 12 quid, great price and yup, cheaper than retail for ONCE!!!

  6. Where is the list….me saaaad :-(

    • See above reply to McProley! :)

      • We’re a tad short staffed this week. Well actually, always, but just more so this week as Peter is busy being American and not here.

        TS Elliot just pops in to help now and then.

  7. Nothing takes my fancy, it seems Sony can’t be bothered with sales/offers for Vita, blah….and I mean good sales….like a variety of stuff not just some racing games.

    • You’re joking right? Giving away 4 of the best vita games for plus subscribers, that’s not good enough for you?

      • *are more (grammar errors are annoying)

      • replied in wrong box above. Its just getting too late for me T_T

    • oh no don’t get me wrong, plus is great. But there is more than 4 vita games out there and they are all priced higher than either there console counterparts or games that have been released for similar periods of time i.e. 9 months and so on.

      It seems GAME love to discount dishonoured and borderlands but screw selling unit 13 for less than 34.99…. seriously?

      At this current date 2-3 years ago PSP on PSN was having really solid sales with all sorts of games avaliable on offer. I think we have reached a time period where vita games can be discounted for promotion.

      And also Sony selling Jet Set radio at 4.99 on PS3 and not vita. Again I say REALLY??? (btw sarcastic questions are posed at Sony/retailers)

  8. just the Lego LOTR demo for me this week.

    i’m glad i don’t like football games or i might be upset about the price of fifa.

  9. What is Valve’s problem with SCEE?

    • probably that they won’t let them release their game.

      • Portal 2 isn’t on SCEE either. Must be something deeper.

      • You sure? Thought they released it a few weeks back with the motion control pack?

      • They released the pack but I don’t think the full game is there. I was going to buy it with the Move pack in mind. If it is there, it only happened this week.

  10. Have they just disabled the comments on the EU blog? Was reading thru, refreshed and they’ve gone!?

    • mods got a bit overzealous? …
      again ^_^

      • Ha! Was it you?
        Saw your ‘total censorship’ post. Did you break the comments section?

      • me?
        i could never do that.

        i don’t know how.
        yet. >_>

    • oh, they’re back now :/

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