Journey Nominated For A Grammy

PlayStation exclusive Journey continues to gather award nominations as we head towards the end of the year, and has now picked up a rather unexpected gong – that of a Grammy nomination. Composer Austin Wintory has been nominated in the ‘Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media’ category and he has the honour of composing the first video game soundtrack to ever be nominated in this section of the awards.


Indeed all of the other nominees are movies, Journey is up against Howard Shore with his score for Hugo, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross with their music for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Ludovic Bource with The Artist. The category also includes nominations for the masters of movie soundtracks, John Williams and Hans Zimmer for The Adventures Of Tin Tin and The Dark Knight Rises respectively.

However, Howard Shore has won this category three times in the last ten years, one each for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and Williams and Zimmer have also both picked up the award in the last decade. In my opinion Austin’s main rival will be Ludovic Bource – The Artist was a silent movie and relied heavily on the music to help tell the story, something the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is bound to take in to consideration.

Whatever the outcome our heartiest congratulations go to Austin and the Journey team.

Source: Grammy.



  1. So, FF’s nor MGS’s soundtracks get nominated and yet Journey does? :O That is very surprising and considering it’s an exclusive, it’s very lucky to have been nominated. And i suspect Al will want to plaster Journey adverts all over TSA again. :p

    • The Grammys only recently let video games be eligible to nominated to win the awards.

    • Have you played Journey yet, fella? How it’s interwoven with the game is utterly sublime, especially as so much hinges on it what with there being very little in the way of sound effects and zero speech/dialogue.

      • No and unfortunaly, won’t be able to get it as i don’t have access to PSN.

  2. Trent Reznor & Grammy – Two things i never thought i would see together! :O

  3. Howard Shore is a legend.

    • I’m sure his work with The Hobbit will be fantastic.

  4. Can’t see a video game actually winning it, but it’s a fantastic achievement to get nominated, especially as this is the track for such a (relatively) small game.

  5. It’s a fantastic boost to videogame culture just for the nomination. It validates interactive media as an artistic form, and realistically I can’t think of a better game than Journey to be the first.

  6. Inspired game ^_^

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