PSN (SEN) Store Now Available Online

We’re still investigating this, but if you head on over to this address you can now shop online for everything that’s in the Sony Entertainment Network, and that includes the PSN.


It even features the ability to browse PS3 games (and buy them) with your PSN account.

It’s not working for every SCEE territory, but it’s definitely there for our UK-based readers, amongst others. Try here if you want to chance your luck with your own Store.

It’s really quick, looks lovely and – yes – it’s about time.

Browsing the catalogue pages for games is lovely, it’s got that parallax scrolling that the PS3 Store has, but much smoother and the ability to quickly see related stuff (like DLC) is a nice touch. The one for Tokyo Jungle, for example, is particularly slick.

Purchases appear to simply add to your download queue, they won’t (we think) start your PS3 downloading like the 360 portal does – you’ll need to power on and then check your queue to start things rolling.

We’re assuming the PlayStation Blog will have some kind of update on this in due course, but in the meantime we can confirm that you’re able to sign in browse the games section – pretty cool.

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  1. They were asking about this kind of stuff in a recent survey and I assume there was an overwhelming majority that wanted it to happen.

  2. Nice.

    I won’t be using it though- I don’t generally leave my PS3 or Vita on stand-by when I’m not there using them, it’s waste of power.

    • Surely you don’t need it on standby though? Can’t you just buy and it’ll download next time you turn it on?

      • When you buy something, you’ll still have to turn on the PS3, fire up the store and click the ‘download’ button.

        (this is as far as I can see from buying something on the store just now)

      • That’s a little annoying, but you still don’t have to have the console on to buy. Great for queueing up stuff after the store update comes out etc…

      • But what’s the point in that?

        To save me all of a minute of finding it in the store and buying it?

        The only way I see this as saving time is by being able to queue downloads and automatically download them using something like PS+ automatic downloads.

        I already don’t use that service as it’s a waste, can’t see that changing now.

      • I would expect them to make the automatic downloads available to everyone as it will encourage people to spend more in store.

  3. I cant connect my ps3 to the internet here at uni, so I completely missed last months ps+ deals.
    Am I right in thinking that if I tell it to ‘buy’ the instant game collection on this, they’ll be available to download once I get home, even if they aren’t on ps+ anymore?

    • Yep, think so.

      • Okay cool thanks, I’m going to give it a go now

    • When you start a download it ‘activates’ that digital copy and it appears in your download list, not sure if ‘just buying; it does the same.

      May need more clarification to be 100%

    • This is the main reason for me not getting PS+ now that it’s on Vita. I can’t really ask my parents to boot up the PS3 every month and download everything for me, but now I can just grab things off the online store, I might get a subscription!

      the store doesn’t seem perfect though; There are several listings in the “All Games” catagory that say “Disc Only” so they can’t be downloaded and seem somewhat pointless (I assume they have DLC, but that isn’t linked in their profile, so the entries are useless) and I can’t find The Unfinished Swan (either by search or All Games A-Z and yes I did try looking under T and U!) I can only find the soundtrack by searching.

      I did like this entry though:!/en-gb/games/the-last-guardian/cid=EP9000-NPEK00189_00-DISCONLYPARENT00 (The Last Guardian lives!)

  4. Cool, this will be bloody useful if it runs better than the current Store via console, I’ve almost given up browsing it, I only force myself through it when there’s something I really really want.

    • Also, does anyone know if your Download history is accessible, as it would be much easier to scroll through my hundreds of downloads on a PC/Laptop?

      • To answer my own question, you can view your Download history but there is no search function. However, it’s still probably easier to find something, make a note of the date, adn then go to that date via console to re-download. Hopefully there will be a prompt to queue download feature added at some point.

      • Yes, no search or more advanced filtering options but it is there.

      • Yeah, still much easier to find stuff since the console takes a while to load the content on-screen, so it’s still very useful – so I’m going to remain positive about this, well done Sony!
        I will probably buy everything using this since it is much quicker and easier on my work PC, then just go to my download list to download it later (which I think I can do via Transaction Management and avoid the console Store altogether)!
        There also seems to be stuff I never noticed before such as soundtracks for The Unfinished Swan and MotorStorm RC!?

  5. WOW :P Cool. Just logged in & it seems ok. Looks well good to;)

  6. Hopefully they’ll add the ability to actually download remotely, rather than just passively queue for the next time your machine is turned on.

    But all I can say is about fecking time

    • Even just passively queueing for when it turns on is pretty great.

      • Well, you have to go into account management > transaction management > download list and download it yourself, but hopefully remote downloads are the next step.

        but it’s is damn smart on the web

  7. Wow that is out of the blue, and very welcome too. Although very dangerous for my bank balance ;-)

  8. Doesn’t seem to want to work with Firefox. Nice idea but seems a bit limited if you still have to load the store to download everything.

    • It’s working OK on my firefox. What isn’t working for you?

      • Strange, it tells me my browser isn’t supported, Firefox (linux version)

      • Have a try of Chrome/Chromium & see what it says

      • Works ok on chrome, doesn’t work on my phone though which would have been really nice.

      • Given that it is yet to be released we can’t be too critical!

  9. It sounds like a terrible idea! Assuming I want to hang onto any of my money!

  10. Good news! :)

    But doesn’t work with safari on ipad :( Not sure about mac :|

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