What We Played #82: Mass Effect 3 SE, New Super Mario Bros. U, FIFA 13

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With a new console comes new experiences. It’s a great opportunity and excuse to try playing games that are new to you or that you wouldn’t normally play, so having picked up a Wii U on launch day there was nothing else for it but to play Mass Effect 3: Special Edition on it.

And you know what, taken as a single game it’s better than the PS3 version I’ve sunk literally hundreds of hours into. And the multiplayer on a Nintendo console works brilliantly, you can use people’s names and everything so it’s no longer like being in a strangely deserted Welsh seaside resort being chased by white spheres.


I’ve also been playing the downloadable titles Little Inferno and Puddle on the Wii U. You’ll be able to read more about them in the coming days but I’ll say for now that Little Inferno is a curious game that I’m not sure I’m enjoying playing, but, burning stuff is strangely compelling.

I took a couple of friends on a tour of Nintendo Land at the weekend and for two people initially dismissive of cutesy Nintendo titles, especially party games, there was an awful lot of highly competitive enjoyment had in Mario Chase and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.  Grown men shouting “He’s blue going green!” or “Over here I’m vibrating!” is not a common occurrence in my experience. Bite size local multiplayer perfection.

I did manage to stop playing ME3:SE for long enough at the weekend to play some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on my PS3 and tick off the, now weekly, weekend challenge and keep my challenge score and N7 rank ticking upwards. I’ve downloaded the Omega DLC but was too busy playing ME3:SE to play it.

Dan has also picked up Uncle Ninty’s latest console creation and has been playing New Super Mario Bros. U. He found it tough to review as, “whilst it does everything well, I just can’t shake off the feeling I’ve played it all before”.  That’s not likely to be the last time that’s said about another iteration of Nintendo’s core franchises.

To counter the cheerful surrounding to be found in NSMBU Dan turned to ZombiU. When asked how that went all he would say is “Terrifying. Don’t wanna talk about it.” For yet more Wii U entertainment he’s also been playing Trine 2 which he says is “ace, with the added benefit of being able to play it on the loo”. Too much information Dan.

His initial impressions of his new toy? “Overall I’m absolutely loving Wii U at the moment. It definitely has a few issues that need resolving, but I’m impressed.”

Skyrim now resides atop Tuffcub’s ‘finished’ pile. His summary of the epic game is “mostly enjoyable with some stand out moments”. He gives no clue as to what those moments were, instead choosing to note something else: “having my Skyrim husband as my companion was a little creepy as he was always addressing me as ‘My love'”.

He’s started playing CoD: Black Ops 2 but it has left him “horribly disappointed”:

I really liked BlOps but so far they seem to have made the same mistake Infinity Ward made between MW1 and MW2… LETS MAKE EVERYTHING EVER EXPLODE REALLY LOUDLY AND SHOUT LOTS. Also I have no idea what’s going on story wise; a recap of BlOps 1 would have been handy as I don’t recognise any of the characters, it has been 2 years since I last played it and everyone looks like generic fighting man.

Peter’s had a varied week thanks to the Wii U’s launch. First playing Tank! Tank! Tank! for our review as well as short blasts with New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land. “The console itself is quite impressive”, he says, “it’s no generational leap but it does some entertaining things with the GamePad and it looks great”. He did comment earlier in the week that the slow loading times of some of the console’s OS features but I haven’t caught up with him since the midweek patch to see if he thinks that improved things.

[drop]The other “exciting” hardware development in the Chapman household is the fact that he has hooked his PC up to a big TV. “So those games I picked up in Steam’s autumn sale can now be played from a comfy seat with a wireless gamepad.” Perhaps suggesting he needs a more comfortable desk chair.

“So far, I’ve tried Skyrim and Far Cry 3 on it and both look gorgeous. Some of the Skyrim mods add breathtaking visual detail to the game. The only problem now is that my PC needs an upgrade!” And he’ll be able to play the Skyrim DLC long before us PS3 players

Kris has been fiddling. Luckily for all concerned it was only with his Wii U. He’s tried out the FIFA 13 demo, which “seems ok but feels very complicated”. He suggests that his problem may be that he’s “trying to use the normal controller control scheme mixed in with the touch screen controls” and should train his fingers to use one or the other. “Using the touchscreen for passes or for selecting your shot is pretty fun though.”

Nano Assault Neo has also been getting some TV and Gamepad screen time. “It’s a great twin stick shooter”, he says, “absolutely gorgeous with lots going on”. He’s found it to be really good fun, if “a bit tricky in places” and thinks that “the shop mechanic could do with being deeper though”.

Causing Chaos in Just Cause 2 has been providing Aran with a lot of fun this week:

The map size is ridiculous, meaning I haven’t even discovered most of the towns. I like how there just seem to be so many distractions as well. I may be on my way to a mission but then I see a base so I just have to attack it. Next thing I know is I’m in an aerial dog fight after grappling onto a jet. Also this is the best looking open world game I’ve seen.

[drop2]Because JC2 is just so colourful he turned to Metro 2033 for a bit of a change. He’s enjoying it so far and says that “the atmosphere feels perfect for a post nuclear society”. Even the more mundane chores like having to conserving ammo aren’t getting him down and he thinks that overall it feels “like I’m playing a proper survival horror story”.

Lastly this week we stumble across Josh who’s going back through Lego Harry Potter 1-4 in co-op free-play, “grabbing the various collectables and whatnot”. For some handheld fun he picked up Need for Speed: Most Wanted for his PS Vita and says “it’s probably one of the best Vita games I’ve played yet – it looks great, runs great, and it’s the whole game world on the go; can’t complain!”

How about you lot?  Did you pick up Ninty’s latest?  If so, what’s your favourite game so far?



  1. I’ve been playing Gravity Rush and my god what a good game it is. Definitely my favourite Vita game by a long way. I’ve also just started playing Lemmings as well. I haven’t played those levels since I was a kid on my dad’s Amiga. Loving the nostalgia

    • I agree mate, GR is fantastic. I completed it last week and was blown away by it. Couldn’t understand why so many people slated it. I’m not a great fun of the challenges though. Its jusat them that stand between me and the plat

      • Me too. The challenges are very difficult but the game itself is amazing

      • I kind of wish the game started a little slower, perhaps with you walking around the city more – the environments are so nice and detailed, it seems a shame to just fly past it all at speed! Apparently there is a sequel in the works!

  2. Ive been playing Darksiders 2, hoping to finish that soon. I will then be starting on Okami HD which I managed to get on disc from play-asia (its fully in english), as I currently still dont have internet. Im looking to get some new games in the after Christmas sales, probably Far Cry 3 and Hitman Absolution, but Okami should keep me going for ages.

  3. Hitman Absolution – I’m probably more excited than most as it’s the first Hitman game I’ve played but it’s great. It’s not often I would replay the same level over and over rather than progressing the story, but I wanted to explore all the deaths in Chinatown! The number of NPC in Chinatown is fantastic. It’s great that various disguises allow you access to other areas or objects undected. The level design and shooting mechanics are very good, one of the better games I’ve played this year, although being a new IP always helps.

    Then there’s been a fair bit of FIFA13 – my online Pro and winning a Friendlies Season. Had Black Ops 2 meet on Monday which was fun as always, bar the occasional laggy game. I finished and platinumed The Walking Dead, which was superb! Some LBP on Vita with Teflon and McProley on Friday, after I finally managed to get 4 people into a game (and get the “win a 4-player game” trophy) – the mini games are great fun with other players – not too much to do for the platinum now.

    Hopefully this weekend I’ll play the Ni No Kuni demo and the Uncharted card game thingy on Vita!

    • Oh, and on a small note, I’m quite excited that I got Ozil in a FUT pack this morning :)

      • Back on the FUT crack mr Youles? you have friends here to support you. :)

      • Haha, I actually used in-game coins, no real money this time, so my addiction is under control…..ish ;)

  4. Finished off my platinum on Lego LOTR on my Vita as well as my normal time on Ecolibrium and now Travel Bug but there are a lack of bugs near me. Also gone back to Motorstorm RC after TSA reminding me it exitsed this week.

    Still working through PSASBR on both PS3 and Vita, yet to play any multiplayer on though. Also playing Epic Mickey 2 which seems to lack decent signposting.

    • Is Lego LOTR any good on Vita mate? I was very close to buying it yesterday then read a few reviews that said it was shambolic.

  5. Early this week I got my platinum for sleeping dogs which I loved!
    And I finally continued mass effect 3 which I started back in April! I’m now 20 hours in and I’m really into it now.I’ve also been playing a bit of R&C all 4 one.
    Still digging through my pile,slowly but surely :-)

  6. This week has been mostly Far Cry 3. I’ve finished off the campaign and all the trophy related single player stuff and also played a few co-op levels with heedbaw … it’s pretty good fun.

  7. Lots of Wii-U playing this week :-) Picked up copies of Mario and ZombiU, both of which are great.

    Mario looks awesome in HD and I’m pleased Nintendo have decided to make the game really challenging, something that hasn’t really been the case since Mario Bros 3 on the NES/SNES. It doesn’t re-invent the wheel by any means but its a lot of fun regardless, particular in couch co-op.

    Moving onto ZombiU and its rapidly becoming my game of the year. The visuals are a bit blurry (expected of a launch game I guess) but otherwise it is an amazing game and a true return to the survival horror genre. Its also incredibly tense, particularly if you have the volume up and the lights out. Awesome stuff.

    Overall I’m loving the Wii-U and really pleased I coughed up the cash for it (especially now that Rayman Legends, Lego City and Monster Hunter 3 are close to release). The Miiverse feature is incredibly addictive and I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve popped in to make a quick post only to find myself an hour later still scrolling through people’s uploaded screenshots and amazing sketches.

  8. Black Ops 2 MP and Far Cry 2 are all I have been playing.

    Trading in FIFA 13, as Career Mode was all I played really and it STILL crashes/freezes my PS3 at the same point constantly. It’s a disgrace how they can get away with what is technically a broken product, and it will probably remain broken going into 2013. They have released 4 patches I think, none work. It is absolutely disgusting, even worse when I see somebody on a PS3 hacking forum (not condoning it) using Custom Firmware, editing the update himself and making Career Mode work. Seriously? EA have a team of professionals and it still hasn’t been sorted. I’m guessing it’s because there is no money to be made on Career Mode after the initial purchase. All the money is in Ultimate Team. Sad really :(

    • That’s shit, when does it crash mate? Would you potentially have to restart your career to get past this point, or would it happen again even on a new file?

      • It’s August 26th 2017. Really do not want to leave that Career alone as I have put so much time into it and my team has developed so well. Bale is a 93 winger, Lloris a 94 GK, Walker a 88 RB. I have young players, all under 21, who don’t exist in the real world but are like 80+ at the moment. So basically I will have a real beast team in a few seasons. I was enjoying it so damn much :(

        Also, I haven’t tried starting a new one. I probably should, but everyone online says doing so still messes up for them – and they still crash a few seasons on in. Also I don’t see why I (as a customer) have to start again and leave something I have put so much time into just because EA cannot be arsed to fix it. It annoys me.

      • I totally agree mate, it’s not acceptable and you shouldn’t have to start again, I just wondered whether it was a one-off incident, but it doesn’t seem that way sadly.

    • Career mode is all I play, not interested in a single other aspect of the title, of which there are a bewildering amount.

      I haven’t even got a clue what FUT, EAS, Seasons and all the other stuff actually is, beyond the fact FUT gets hacked and people wallets emptied on Xbox 360 because of some weakness somewhere which both companies stone-wall.

      I don’t have freezing, but I do get a bit of judder in every game I play, similar to a layer transition on a movie.

      another thing that’s outragious is why you can’t remain connected to the servers for the duration of a game. This is EA’s cash cow & all the they do is take, take take with no investment in areas where it’s obviously needed. The patching is awful too, they basically do one tweak patch post release & then move on to next year’s, compare to that to all the tweaks & balancing patches that something of a comparable size like CoD gets and you realise just how much EA are pocketing for so little after-sales support.

      • I highly recommend trying the other game modes – I didn’t bother with the others until this year, and now I realise what all the fuss is about. FUT is addictive but a lot of fun, especially with the web and iPhone apps to help buy and sell players.

        Seasons is really good too, if you like playing online – particularly with friends, as it kinds keeps track of your games. In Season you have say 5 games of which to get 9 points to get promoted or win the division. If you get 6 you avoid relegation, but fewer than 6 and it’s down a division!

        Why not join tonights online Pro meet? You only ever play as one player and build on increasing their attributes. You don’t always see much of the ball but it’s great making runs and finding space, knowing that just one time you’ll receive that perfect pass and get an opportunity! ;)

      • I used to look upon all the abuse EA got from gamers and thought, you know, they aren’t THAT bad. My first hand experience with how poor EA can be on this game has changed my opinion of them.

        They are a business sure, but they really do not care at all for their customers. They touted up Career Mode all pre release for this game, and then for it to not work for a huge percentage is pretty shocking. They really do not care. I am sure in other industrys if a part is broken you get a refund, why is this not relevant here? You had your chance to patch it and 4 patches later and a few months on it still doesn’t work. In fact for a few people they have created more problems. Really poor. As I said, some hacker has fixed it. Why can’t EA? Laughable at best.

        You say you have judder, so your lucky at the moment. But alot of people are experiencing this issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if it affected you later down the line, and when it does just remember the tagline ‘It’s in the game’ and laugh. I never got judders, just crashed unexpectedly on August 26th 2017. What season you on by the way?

        Also I agree, poor after sales support from EA, especially for such a huge title. The thing that makes me laugh is that if Ultimate Team has a problem – no matter how big – EA scramble around like madmen trying to fix it, and with some issues they are fixed within the day. They focus all their attention on the mode which will garner them the most money, and business sense it makes sense, but they have to balance it with other modes to ensure their customers who play other modes (because FIFA isn’t just UT) keep coming back to their games year after year.

        Trading it in is my first stance, not buying FIFA 14 is my second, and I know many others doing the same. Sure, it won’t dent FIFA 14’s sales much, and I’ll have to play Pro Evo (which I personally think isn’t as good as FIFA, but I loved the PS2 iterations), but eventually down the line they will see a loss in sales, and look back on their disgraceful after support and say ‘I think we were wrong guys’. EA’s eyes are literally full of dollar signs. A machine fuelled by money, whichever way they can get it.

      • @ Youles, I’ll join the meet as I’m trading it in tomorrow. I loved Virtual Pro in FIFA 12, haven’t played it much in FIFA 13 though. You can call it my goodbye game.

      • Good man! Roynaldo or SpikeyMikey will need to invite you to the team (they are the admins), so stick your name down on the Meet as Mikey will be playing later ;)

  9. Not much for me this week. As Youles said, had some fun with teflon in LBP Vita last friday, then it was the Blops 2 meet on Monday. Got 4 trophies left for my plat on LBP Vita though which should happen this weekend (thanks to all who played my level). Played half of the Ni No Kuni demi which I thought was absolutely adorable. I knew I’d like it, but everything I thought I’d like, just impressed me more. Can’t wait for my Wizards edition.

    • I also loved the demo and am currently debating wether or not to go for the wizards edition. Where did you preorder?

      • Zavvi (£67.95) and HMV (£69.99) had copies earlier in the week whereas Game had sold out. Prices might be going up too if there are few left, so order soon! ;)

      • I pre-ordered from HMV but ideally I would have pre-ordered from shopto as it was a tenner cheaper there. Unfortunately that site always has problems with my card and never accepts it and i didn’t have the funds to pay out upfront via paypal. those are the only 2 places that I found that still have it available

  10. I’ve been playing DAO. I am a female City Elf Rogue. Discovered some new things. Currently at the camp after Lothering. Have gained Sten, Barkspawn(the mabari) and Leliana as companions. Suspect i’ll complete it by Christmas eve. Or on Christmas day. And thankfully, the NPCs that start the DLCs are not present baring the one for Shale so my experience is not ruined. :D

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