Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Release Date February In US, March In Europe

Sly Cooper is our 42nd most anticipated title of 2013, and now we have a date for it. Well, actually, we have two completely different dates.

If you’re in the US, the game releases on February 5th, but here in Europe it’s delayed until the 22nd of March. There’s no particular reason why yet, sadly, but at least now you know.


Blair previewed the game recently for us with what appeared to be final code, so the extended pause for the European release is a little confusing.

The game will release on both the PS3 and PS Vita, and supports Cross Buy and AR functions, which mean you can use the Vita to find goodies whilst playing the PS3 version.



  1. If bought an american copy,would the cross buy feature work here in the uk or is it locked to usa??

    • Most likely not going to work. I’m assuming the Vita version comes as a DL by code, like Battle Royale. And as the stores are different, that code wouldn’t work.

      • oh well,march 22nd it is then,thanks for info!

      • My copy of Battle royale didn’t, it linked the disc to a digital download. No code was needed or included

    • you’d probably get the american Vita version, which would mean needing an american account on your Vita, something that is by all accounts, no pun intended, a much more awkward proposition than it is on ps3.

  2. SCEE at its best again. Sony seems pretty confident in theirs ‘let’s punish our most loyal customer base in EU for no reason this gen!’ strategy.

    • I think this big delay is because of the translating for alot of languages. I mean they are even translating this game to Swedish :P.

      • Could also be to avoid other releases, early 2013 is very busy. Ratchet and clank HD was out in Europe earlier than the states and there were no language issues causing that

      • Come on, they can translate other games in time (oops!) for worldwide realease dates. I just find the customer service in SEN EU branch shocking, it just looks like they don’t really care anymore.

  3. Does it use the Vita as the controller when you look for goodies? A’la Arkham City on Wii U?

  4. That would be cool…….Never played a Sly game before, so I’m not sure what to expect from the game.

    • Pick up the Sly Trilogy, it is pretty dirt cheap now and all three games are well worth a play.

  5. This quote is from the preview a couple of weeks back “The game was provided by the publisher. It’s the full game, but an embargo prevents us discussing beyond the first couple of missions”

    As stated the full game was received for the preview so its finished but wont be released till feb in us and then 6 weeks later here? What a joke

    Rather than get the finished game out before the christmas period to me is a mistake and we all know the amount of advertising sony will give it in feb / march. dont we. Why is there a 6 week gap in releasing a finished game in 2 seperate areas ? My fear is that this will be another title sent out to die like so many others.

    • The game isn’t finished and I check with another website the preview wasn’t the full game.

      • Then perhaps the preview on here from a couple of weeks ago needs amending to say that it isnt the finished game they received.

  6. It’s a shame that it’ll probably cost $60 as per usual on the store otherwise it might have been worth considering using my US account to buy it early. It’ll keep

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