Two Oddworld Games Releasing Next Week – One For Vita, One For PS3

Great news for Oddworld fans – there are two new Oddworld releases coming to PlayStation platforms next week – one for the Vita, one for the PlayStation 3.

First up is the PlayStation Vita version of Stranger’s Wrath HD, which saw a PS3 version released this year. That’ll be out in Europe next Wednesday as part of the pre-Christmas PSN Store Update, for $14.99 / €11.99 / £9.99.


Also out is the HD remake of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD for PS3, which is out on the same day, for $9.99 / €8.99 / £7.99. It features 720p, 60 FPS visuals, with newly remodeled characters and completely re-textured environments. It’ll also have 46 trophies.




  1. Awwwwww yeeeeaaaaaaahh!!!!
    Munch’s Oddysee is the only game of the franchise that I haven’t played yet and I held off playing the OddBox PC version because I knew it was getting the HD treatment.
    I know exactly what I’ll be doing over the holidays…

  2. I think I’ll be getting Vita version of Odd world and wait and hope for Munch’s odd used to come out on Vita too. I already got O:SW due to PS+ and loved it but not much time to finish out due to little eyes watching while I play.

    • I think it’s releasing in February for psvita.

  3. Will definitely be getting Munch’s. That. Is. All.

  4. Saved up my money to get the vita version oh yeh. I played it in ps3 when it was free on plus but then forgot the controls . Can’t wait.

  5. Whyyyyy is the Vita game more expensive than the PS3 game? Pricing should be the other way around, lol.

    Anyway, might get Munch at some point. No interest in re-buying Stranger though, especially with lack of Cross-Save

    • As far as I know PS3 version is 9.99 – same price. Munch is slightly lower, but then it is a different game.

  6. Wish they would release Abe’s Exoddus for Vita. It was the best Oddworld game (one of the greatest platformers) without question.

    • You can buy it as a PSOne classic. Is it not compatible? I don’t know if I’ve tried it, yet.

    • Well you can play the PS1 game on Vita or maybe after they are done remaking Abe’s Oddysee they might remake Exoddus.

      • They still have a completely new Abe HD game planned and I really hope they move forward with it. While I love Oddysee and Exodus, I’d prefer a new game. :D

      • That is pretty much what I said. :P Well they are making these games to then fund future new titles.

  7. F-ing sweet, I should have LBPV platinumed next week so am very pleased about Strange Wrath, especially as me and my Vita go away for 6 days after Christmas! :D

  8. I wonder if you’ll be able to link your saves between the PS3 and Vita versions of Strangers Wrath?

    • It’s not possible. Sony has a 1MB size limit for cross saves and they were not able to shrink the save files to fit the requirement. They certainly tried, though.

  9. This game should look awesome on the OLED. Great news!!!

    • The best thing is it’s running at the Vita’s native screen resolution!

  10. I’ll have to check that Munch game out, Strangers Wrath was a cracking game on PS3 so more of that with Munch will be a sure buy. And they’ve thrown in a platinum for good measure!

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