Review of the Year 2012: February

Peter kicked off last year’s review of February by saying it’s the worst month of the year. I completely disagree and I’ve been wanting to write about February in this feature for the last two years as it’s actually one of my favourite months. It’s a time before University gets too busy, but it’s not boring like January when we’ve not got a lot of work; it’s a month that leads up to my birthday at the end of it; and it’s a nice short one which doesn’t outstay its welcome by a few days like all of those other months.

It’s also a great month for games. No one likes releasing games in January, but February? Oh, they love February. A lot of games are delayed until March or April – or even later in the year – but there’s always a good selection of new games that I can buy around my birthday.


This year proved that, with a lot of games releasing alongside the PlayStation Vita. These included some of the best games of the year: Uncharted Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Michael Jackson The Experience HD to name a few. Along with the plethora of Vita launch titles, February saw the release of other retail games including Alan Wake on PC, UFC Undisputed 3, SSX, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Syndicate, The Darkness 2, Binary Domain Twisted Metal, and one of my personal favourites, Asura’s Wrath.

It was a good month for downloadable games, too – the download market hadn’t been shaken up by Journey quite yet, so games like Shank 2, Gotham City Impostors, WARP and Dear Esther got their chance to shine.

Then came the Vita. The Vita was good, wasn’t it? A few of the TSA staff spent literally dozens of shiny golden coins importing them from Japan in December, but the real Vita launched in February and I’m still playing mine today (right now, actually – let me get back to playing PlayStation All-Stars!). Along with the aforementioned entries into the Uncharted and WipEout series, there were some other brilliant titles (Lumines, BlazBlue, Everybody’s Golf) and some not so brilliant (F1 2011, Asphalt, Reality Fighters).

The system itself was great – everyone who bought one marvelled at the visuals on that lovely screen and played it away as February turned to March, hoping that there would be a lot of support coming. I think Sony did well, but I’m looking at it from a consumer’s point of view – Alex recently looked at it from an objective perspective, one year after its initial release in the East.

As for news, everything started going a bit weird with the high street retailer GAME, when they stopped stocking certain games and reported massive losses. Al had a full report on the matter (also my hands are in this article, so there’s that) but this was still all very early, before the – spoilers – administration and such. Asura’s Wrath was delayed due to all of the uncertainty surrounding this, releasing a couple of weeks later than expected. News of LittleBigPlanet Karting was leaked early into February, too.

Everyone sort of discovered Kickstarter in February after Double Fine got a lot of backing for an adventure game; we all backed games on it for a few months, then absolutely everyone and their cat put a Kickstarter up for their game and we got bored. Metal Gear Online was announced to be shutting down, which was very sad news for the thirteen people that still played it religiously.

We had a lot of PS Vita game reviews in February, though we also had these in January because we were a little bit ahead of the game, along with our usual weekly features and many competitions; all of our content seemed to be Vita focused, though.

February was alright. We survived.



  1. The Darkness 2 was a pleasant surprise :)

  2. Darkness 2 was a great game, albeit very short. Shank2 was my favourite game of the month however and one I still play from time to time.

  3. Enjoyed Feb this year, was good to get the Vita. Had Rayman Origins and Uncharted GA to kick things off with, liked both games.

  4. Hannypoppie and I have only just got around to Kingdom of Amalur just now. It. Is. Wonderful!

    Skyrim was a huge disappointment for me and this has been the perfect antidote. Also, the Asura’s Wrath article a day or so ago has that on my radar for the first time. Truly, it seems to have slipped under most people’s attention which is criminal from the reviews I’ve read.

    • Why was Skyrim a huge disappointment for you bunimo? I know quite a few people experienced bugs, game breaking bugs for quite an unlucky few, was it this that had you disappointed or was it the story?

      I had a few bugs but never game breaking luckily but quite enjoyed it nonetheless, the sheer scale and technical achievement blew me away.

      • The bugs were a bit shitty but the PC controls felt horrendous. Weird seeing as I’d played Oblivion like that.

        I thought I’d return but seeing my flat mate play through the game (on her 360) left me cold. From the ever increasing number of bugs to the total lack of character animation to the unforgivable American accents when they ran out of Nordic ones. Meh, I say. Meh! :-)

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