Review of the Year 2012: December

Review of the Year 2012 - December

Well fortunately none of the end of the world prophecies for 2012 came to pass, although I suspect anyone with a grain of common sense could have predicted that at the start of the year. Of course I’m writing this six hours before 2012 ends, at least in the UK, although if everything does collapse between now and the publish time on this article at least no-one will be able to read my predictions of a safe end to 2012. Doesn’t seem that likely though, does it?

On a less apocalyptic note, TSA for me in December was about three things: Game of the Year, Review of the Year and our Top 100 of 2013. This all seems a bit odd to be writing about as I only finished the final entry in our Top 100 of 2013 an hour ago, so we won’t dwell on those three series for too long. Hopefully they kept you going over the holiday period though, as is our general aim.

[videoyoutube]Of course, the holidays were probably what most of you were focused on this month. Hopefully you enjoyed your New Year’s last night, and of course I must wish you a very Happy New Year. On Christmas Day we wished you a Happy Christmas as well, while on Boxing Day we asked you if you had any good Christmas stories from this year or years past.


There were some fairly big bits of news floating about in the month, such as Futurlab signing a deal with PlayStation and the recent confirmation of multiplayer for Tomb Raider. Then, as every year, there were the VGAs. We got some fairly major announcements this year, such as the release date for The Last of Us, May 7th, and the reveal of Dark Souls 2. However, the biggest bit of news was the announcement of The Phantom Pain. Why was this such a big deal? Well largely because the game is almost certainly Metal Gear Solid V. That makes two Metal Gear Solid titles announced this year, the other being Ground Zeroes.

As for the Wii U, which released on November 30th, there was one rather weird bit of news. Due to certain laws in Germany, you can only purchase 18 rated Wii U games between 11pm and 3am from the eShop. It doesn’t matter if you keep your Wii U in a locked room where no child could ever possibly get at it, you still need to wait until 11pm to buy a mature game or view any associated trailers.

Sticking with the Wii U for a moment, Greg looked at how the console’s version of Mass Effect 3 compared to its counterpart on the PS3. He was reasonably impressed by the game’s performance, and enjoyed the fact that while the GamePad serves primarily as a map you can play the entire game there if you feel like it. Lovely.

[drop]When talking about November yesterday I mentioned the financial woes of both Sony and THQ. Things got better for Sony with the announcement that they’d shifted 30 million PS3s in PAL territories. Sadly, things didn’t go too well for THQ though, as they filed for bankruptcy. While they have said that the bankruptcy and associated sale of assets is just a step on their road to recovery, and confirmed that several high profile releases are still on the way, things still aren’t looking that good over there right now.

There weren’t that many releases in December, with Far Cry 3 being the biggest title to make its way out. Futurlab also stepped up with Surge, continuing their tradition of putting out brilliant titles.

December was more about previews than reviews though. There was Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, BioShock Infinite, God of War: Ascension , DmC: Devil May Cry, The Cave and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Quite a haul really.

With that I think we’ve covered December, and the year as a whole. Thanks for reading our recap of the year, and here’s hoping that 2013 is just as good.



  1. ow! my head hurts…
    i received farcry 3 from the kids for chrimbo..
    can’t work out whether i like it or not..
    sure its a massive playground but sometimes i lose track of what i am actually supposed to be doing?
    big disappointment for me was halo 4..I’m finding it a tad boring to be fair..
    still lots to look out for this year fingers crossed this years call of duty is better than the pile of plop that is black ops 2..

    • I love Far Cry 3, easily game of the year for me. I pick up CoD every year and it’s starting to get stale. I highly doubt this years release will be better than BLOPS2 (probably the best they’ve managed since CoD4).

    • Well Modern warfare 4 will be on Next Gen consoles (well hopefully 1 of them will be out by then) so maybe they will have changed there engine from that literally anicent heaily modified Quake 4 Engine.

      Or in simpler terms hopefully lets see them use the power of new consoles to get better AI/More soldiers onscreen more fun.

  2. Happy New Year folks! For those of you with big exams/events this year, good luck and all the best, nail em to the wall!

  3. Happy New Year everyone!
    I rang in the new year by catching up with some old friends – no drink for me as i was driving so it was just cups of tea but still an enjoyable night remembering our heydays clubbing in Sir Henrys ( Ireland’s Hacienda) in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I wasn’t drinking tea back then of course… alcohol was a fine accompaniment for the live rock scene but when the dance scene kicked in around ’91 i mostly drank water ;)

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